From Underworld to Dracula by Bram Stoker

Halloween is approaching and our recent review of the sequel / remake Fright Night 2 – New Blood starring sensual Jamie Murray as the infamous Elizabeth Bathory inspired us one of our special charts, in which we listed our 10 favorite cinematic vampires and for whom wondered why there is no female character from the saga of Twilightthe answer is simple, because this saga with vampires and their mythology has nothing to do with it.

1. Selene – Kate Beckinsale

Movie: UnderworldUnderworld evolution Underworld – The awakening

The tight-fitting black onesie by Kate Beckinsale has left an indelible trace in the male imagination, an elegant yet breathtaking beauty raised and trained as a lethal werewolf hunter.

2. Santanico Pademonium – Salma Hayek

Movie: From dusk to dawn

The sensual dance on the stage of the Titty Twister opened several jaws (including ours), for us the “buttery” Salma Hayek remains one of the most fascinating vampires ever passed on the big screen.

3. Gerri Dandridge / Elizabeth Bathory – Jamie Murray

Movie: Fright Night 2 – New Blood

A real love at first sight for the beautiful Jaime Murrayits sequel / remake Gerri Dandridge Fright Night 2 – New Blood he climbed our top 10 in the blink of wings (naturally of a bat), debuting in a deserved third position.

4. Dracula’s Bride / Monica Bellucci

Movie: Bram Stoker’s Dracula

The entry on the scene of Monica Bellucci “Between the legs” of Keanu Reeves has undoubtedly remained impressed by many, his wife of Dracula in the name of the voluptuous made us dream of a night visit to invite her for a drink … maybe us.

5. Marie / Anne Parillaud

Movie: Love to the last bite

A woman’s wren capable of luring her prey with a mixture of sensuality and ostentatious innocence; fascinating and lethal like a feline and with a couple of rules: feeding exclusively on criminals and no good and… don’t play with food.

6. Regine Dandridge – Julie Carmen

Movie: Vampire Slayer 2

an overwhelming charm and an ambiguous sensuality make Regine a sort of praying mantis that after mating has the habit of devouring her partner, a description that really fits her perfectly.

7. Carmilla – Silvia Colloca

Movie: Lesbian Vampire Killers

An all-Italian beauty, the actress Silvia Colloca (Van Helsing), to portray the legendary Carmilla, the vampire par excellence intent on reaping victims even before Count Dracula. In this comedy-horror she is a vampire queen consumed by a deep hatred of men and a voluptuous love of women, which she vampirizes by transforming them into her lovers. Along with the trailer there is also an amazing scene in which the female protagonists of the film are introduced, some of which will end up in the clutches of Carmilla (lucky her and lucky them).

8. Aaliyah – Akasha

Movie: The queen of the damned

The nightclub sequence with hypnotic dance and bloodbath is one of the few good things to be found in the mediocre sequel to “Interview with the Vampire.” Ours also wants to be a tribute to the splendid and talented model and singer Aaliyah who before her tragic and untimely death at the age of 22 in a plane crash, had had time to play a modern Giulietta with Jet Li in the action Romeo must not die.

9. Angie Everhart – Lillith

Movie: Tales from the Crypt: The Pleasure of Blood (Bordello of Blood)

With a title like “Blood Brothel” the fun is certainly guaranteed and when a crash comes at the door like Angie Everhart the trap has now sprung and this time it is your turn to play the part of the mouse.

10. Louise (Nina Hoss), Charlotte (Jennifer Ulrich) and Nora (Anna Fischer)

Movie: We Are The Night (Wir sind die Nacht)

An all-female German vampire-movie, modern and upbeat, but respectful of the canons imposed by the genre. Three young, sensual vampires and lovers of the good life decide to generate a new “sister”, who, however, will not be able to adapt to the new life or rather … death.

Bonus video – Countess Dracula / Ingrid Pitt

Movie: The house dripping with blood, Lovers vampires And Death goes hand in hand with virgins.

Our personal tribute to the horror queen of Hammer and unforgettable Countess Draculawhich we remember appeared in the 2006 sequel Underworld: Evolution and disappeared in London in 2010 at the age of 73.

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