Gary Oldman confesses: “I slept in a coffin for a long time”

The actors go out of their way to get into the character. And Oscar winner Gary Oldman is no exception: Cary Elwes just declared it a The Hollywood Reporter. According to his colleague’s recollections, the Oscar winner had got into a rather bizarre habit while filming Dracula by Bram Stoker, directed by Francis Ford Coppola. “Gary took the role so seriously – explained Cary Elwes – that he started sleeping in a coffin every night.”

This is just one of the anecdotes related to the realization of a cult that involved the actors really seriously. Keanu Reeves recently revealed that he is convinced that he really married Winona Ryder, during the take but also in his life.

A lot of intimacy and familiarity was born for a precise drawing of the director, as the actor always explains The fantastic story. It seems in fact that the cast of the film was forced to live together during filming. Everyone, except Gary Oldman, who instead preferred to stay on the sidelines: “We spent filming staying in the guest houses on the property. Francis was convinced that spending more time together would result in a better performance on the screen ». Which translated meant: “We vampire hunters lived together in the villas but poor Gary was forced to live in solitude.”

Oldman’s method, as we learn from the book Winona Ryder: The Unauthorized Biography, at times it created friction and in fact the actress at a certain point began to feel discomfort next to him, who did not stop being a vampire even when the shooting was over. So, to understand us, he stayed in the party even if he went out with his colleagues to eat a hamburger. The scene must have been one of the epic ones.

Who knows what Oldman did then to make himself credible as a wizard wrongly sentenced to twelve years in Azkaban prison while filming Harry Potter, saga that sees him protagonist in the role of Sirius Black, godfather of the protagonist. On January 1, the 63-year-old Londoner will participate – together with the rest of the cast – in the reunion for the 20 years since the first film was released. The philosopher’s Stone.

Oldman’s habit, however, is part of his method of actually getting into characters. That is why, he has often gained and lost weight, as in the case of The mole (interpretation that guaranteed him the first career nomination for Academy Awards). Before turning The darkest hour he wanted to spend a whole year studying Winston Churchillfrom how he spoke to how he moved, and only then did he feel ready to play it (it was worth it, because that role guaranteed him the Oscar for best leading actor).

To the Los Angeles Times he declared how crucial it is for him to reinvent himself, even with make-up and wigs, to better immerse himself in history. In the past, he added, he always got stoned with alcohol (“sweating vodka”, to put it in his own words) to deal with everything but now – and for 24 years – he’s proudly sober so he uses other aids to transform in front of the camera.

There are currently many projects in the pipeline on his agendafrom the series Slow Horses for AppleTV + to video game dubbing Star Citizen And Squadron 42, who see him involved in the role of Admiral Ernst Bishop. After the acclaimed Netflix film Mank (which gave him a new Oscar nomination), he shot Borders and dependencies (with Armie Hammer, now ostracized by Hollywood following private scandals), The woman at the window (with Amy Adams, also for Netflix) e How I kill your bodyguard 2 (with the all-star cast led by Ryan Reynolds, Morgan Freeman and Salma Hayek) and is now returning to the set with the biopic Flying Horsewhich he also wrote and directed, and in which he plays the protagonist, pioneer photographer Eadweard Muybridge.

Gary Oldman confesses: “I slept in a coffin for a long time”