Great return

It thus returns on Saturday November 5 – and for the whole weekend – between the walls of CO’Met, with the hope of doing even better than ten years ago in terms of attendance: over two days, at the time, more than 12,000 visitors succumbed to the temptation of the Japanese pop culture bath. Many of them had played the game of cosplay, for the uninitiated, of disguising themselves as manga heroes.

Souvenir of 2012. Photo: Christelle Gaujard

But why… is there no more Japan Expo in Orléans (since 2012)?

Between famous cosplayers and pop, rock, electro concerts…

The festival is, in fact, dedicated to Japanese culture in the broad sense: its ancestral traditions, the games and sports practiced there (martial arts, etc.),
the music we listen to in the Land of the Rising Sun, what we eat there…

Souvenir of 2012. Photo: Christelle Gaujard

We will not list here everything that we will find this weekend at the Japan expo, between its famous cosplayers, Minh-Luan or Madsfive…, his star guests (list below) and concerts, pop, rock, electro or vibrant traditional music…

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Want to discover Japanese culinary delights, ramen and other onigiri, traditional arts around bonsai, the game of shogi or even kimono? It’s at CO’Met that it’s happening.

Takuya Wada. An animation prodigy, he learned the techniques of the greatest, including Miyazaki. After the world of animation, he set out to conquer the cinema and learned make-up and special effects techniques in Hollywood. He recently collaborated on the projects The Gathering Where Hana Kappa.

Mion has been known for ten years in Japan. She has eleven solo singles to her credit and one released with her band J4J. She now performs all over the world, Canada, South Korea…

Patrick Borg. The actor and voice actor is known for being the voice of the character of Son Goku (in dragon ball z). The older ones must know, his first dubbings were made on Pinball the dolphin. He also overtook Roland in ranmaAngel in buffy the vampire slayer. He is also one of the French voices of actor Charlie Sheen.

The Japan expo, it will be understood, does not flirt only with young manga fanatics. Those born in the 1970s and 1980s, once fed to Dorothée and
at Recreation 2will find just as much happiness there, randomly crossing paths
the heroes of their childhood… including the famous Grendizer, to be found at the heart of the “Dynamic heroes” exhibitionwhich will present the greatest works of the inventor of giant robots.

Its 100% cartoon karaoke

The crazy Japan expo is also unpacking this weekend its giant karaoke around cartoon creditsamong other free and open access activities: its video game areas, workshops (origami, etc.), quizzes, blind tests and board games, etc.

The meeting, teeming with commercial stands, will also be an opportunity for visitors to unearth a handicraft straight from Japan. So, ready for the big trip?

And also

Impossible to list everything that will happen this weekend at the Japan expo, here is nevertheless a small range…

Lightsaber. The fans of Star Wars can’t miss it: learn the art of fighting like a Jedi… The Orleans lightsaber academy will train you in this practice, which has become a real fun and friendly sport. Your initiation will last 45 minutes, a new session every hour. Accessible from 12 years old. May the force be with you…

City tour. Discover the cities of Japan, known or less known to the general public, through a beautiful exhibition that will take you to their hearts. Something to find inspiration for a future trip.

Kaiju. Another exhibition will revolve around the work of Yuji Kaida, said the kaiju painter. This illustrator, one of the most creative of his generation, specializes in giant monsters: the kaiju.

French manga. The French manga will also be honored. Throughout the weekend, discover the work of Cab, Christophe Cointault, Valne & Maluko or, to name but a few, Sylvain Ferrieu.

I go. The Japan expo in Orléans is being held from this Saturday until Sunday evening, near CO’Met. Doors open from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Prices: between 8 and 14 euros per day. Or between 14 and 24 euros, if you want to enjoy both days. Info and reservations on the website

David Criff

Great return – At CO’Met, this weekend: the surging Japan expo which had not returned to Orléans since 2012