This day is placed under the sign of blues and experimentation (Jeff BECK). An effervescence seizes the festival and this is already noticeable several kilometers before the arrival: police checks and roadblocks. The reason ? The arrival of Johnny DEPP and the fear of seeing a demonstration by the Femen. in the end, nothing will happen.

The day starts strong with a nice surprise in the “person” of ONE RUSTY BAND. A “crazy” blues rock duo where cigar-box, washboard, tap dancing and acrobatics mingle. The duo is friendly, Léa ensures her parts of tap, washboard, drums and acrobatics under a blazing sun. She humorously ensures the transition between the pieces. Musically, it’s very good blues rock, Greg provides guitar and vocals. The compositions are very easy to listen to and we take pleasure in tapping our feet. We’re having a great time, original and musically, it’s great. If you see the band’s name on a poster near you, don’t miss them, you’ll have a great time.

The first to take possession of the big stage is Robert CRAY. Blues guitarist mixing rhytm’n’blues, soul & jazz influences. With 25 albums on the clock and his 5 Grammy Awards, needless to say he knows what the scene is. On the other hand, his style will surely appeal more to jazz fans than to blues rock fans. It’s a music maybe more intellectual than organic (or maybe I’m not used to its sounds). Still, the public present is in communion (the public present today was really different from that of the day before), and the group balances its compositions without downtime. Part of the public being seated, it is difficult to have a “classic” concert atmosphere. It is therefore under the applause that the group leaves the stage.

The atmosphere begins to rise, because the star of the evening will continue on the same stage and above all, the public is impatiently awaiting the arrival of Johnny DEPP for five songs. Obviously we see some signs brandished by some fans of the actor: “Johnny, we love you” but this remains anecdotal. The public present being rather made up of music fans.

Jeff Beck. makes its entrance, accompanied by its all-female rhythm section and the least we can say is that they are damn good musicians. Jeff does not sing but makes his guitar speak. He is one of the precursors of electric guitar and heavy music with his group “Yardbirds” (replacing Eric CLAPTON), and he always liked to create new sounds and mix different music. So, it’s true, we listen religiously but for my part, it’s too “psychedelic”, technical and I can’t find my dose of emotion. The public meanwhile seems to be under the spell. The long-awaited moment arrives when Johnny DEPP arrives on stage to play four tracks from their joint album (18) and a cover of VELVET UNDERGROUND. We are not going to go there by four paths: voice without reflection, more than basic guitar playing and absent charisma. If it hadn’t been for Johnny DEPP, we would have wondered what this musician was doing on stage. I prefer it with HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES, in a more rock/hard rock register. The reactions in the public were also mixed to her. topic. Still, the coming of Jeff BECK was an event because the organization had been trying to get him to come for thirteen years. Persistence is good.

To close the evening, on the “small” stage, here is Christone KINGFISH Ingram, a young prodigy in her twenties, who has carved out a special place for herself in the hearts of American blues aficionados with her two albums in three years (the first being produced by Buddy GUY). He also played at the White House in front of the Obamas, was interviewed by Elton JOHN and won five Blues Music Awards. To set the scene.
And there, all the difference with Robert CRAY bursts from the first notes. It’s much more “inside” and “aggressive”, we are much more in the field of rock. KINGFISH is one with his guitar (maybe he sold his soul to the devil like Robert JOHNSTON). Eyes closed, he sends his solos played with feeling, a lot of improvisation, all supported by a rhythmic section made in blues. The public is not mistaken and accompanies many of his flights with cries. We gladly project ourselves into a club, a beer in hand, listening to the musician express his art through his compositions full of feeling. It is the very essence of the blues that we find in his performance. It was a great moment and the public paid tribute to him.

But, with Guitare en Scène, there are always magical moments like this jam which will bring together Marco MENDOZA and his musicians, GUS G, Maggy LUYTEN, Dino JULESIC and Joel O’KEEFE for a few covers played in their own way. The public, despite the late hour is present and it is with unfeigned pleasure that the musicians play covers of THIN LIZZY, DEEP PURPLE for our greatest pleasure (yes, “Smoke On The Water” is in the game) , RAINBOW , AC/DC for “Highway To Hell” with who better than Joel O’KEEFE on vocals? Smiles exchanged throughout this jam show the pleasure that the musicians have to play together. It is also for these moments that the GUITARE EN SCENE festival is special and appreciated by many festival-goers and musicians. Pleasure is the key word.

See you tomorrow with two international sizes who will come to tread the boards of the festival