Halloween | Series and films that give the scare

Streaming platforms are full of horror and genre series and films. Here are some suggestions.

Posted October 28

Werewolf by Night

Those who feel that Marvel Studios’ movies and series all look alike might find their latest offering stands out more. The “Special Presentation” Werewolf by Night is a tasty tribute to horror films of the 1930s and 1940s.

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Pascal LeBlanc

Stranger Things 4

The more mature turn of the fourth season of Stranger Things gets us out of Goonies and D’IndianaJones to catapult us into worlds of horror like those of Carrie, The Exorcist, hellraiser and A Nightmare on Elm Street (what a classic!), which obviously inspired the creators of Stranger Things, twins Matt and Ross Duffer. Goodbye John Hughes, hello Wes Craven.

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Ambitious at will, Boop remains on the cinematographic level the most impressive feature film of its author. Whether it takes place at blue hour or in the dark, the photography of Hoyte van Hoytema – known for his work with Christopher Nolan – is impressive, as is the immense care given to the sound. Playing in the flowerbeds of Steven Spielberg and M. Night Shyamalan, Jordan Peele offers with Boop one of the most unique and entertaining experiences.

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Archives 81

You won’t be screaming in fear every five seconds in Archives 81, Netflix’s new horror series with satanic accents, whose popularity is swelling thanks to favorable word of mouth. The more the episodes progress, the more the division between the past and the present blurs. The nightmare encroaches on reality. And fear screws into our minds against a musical backdrop Amityville.

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Brain Freeze

Brain Freeze does not so much claim to upset conventions as to use them effectively, merging genres along the way. It’s not just an undead comedy, but also a learning tale of a teenager (Iani Bédard) who must learn to live in a threatening world and his mismatched duo with a survivalist (Roy Dupuis).

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Martin Gignac, special collaboration

There’s Someone Inside Your House

The film remains within fairly conventional guidelines. A lonely farmhouse. A starry night. Mysteries and disappearances that accumulate. A cornfield. And a gallery of somewhat smooth and interchangeable characters with all those from other American series and films camped in a graduating class (seniors) both jaded and worried about not being chosen at the dream university. The set is still enough sustained and rhythmic to make us have a good time.

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Andre Duchesne

Patrick Senécal presents

Each of the 30-minute programs tells a complete story, completely independent of the others. It’s like watching a collection of unpublished short stories with different actors for each story. The order doesn’t matter. The only link? All the protagonists live there their worst day. Obviously, if the slightest drop of blood breaks your heart, pass your turn. Patrick Senécal presents is for horror fans who have seen other horrors.

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Victor Lessard

You start watching this thriller and 10 hours later, you haven’t visited the little corner or swallowed a single bite of food. Victor Lessard 3 surpasses Victor Lessard 2which exceeded Victor Lessard 1.

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Interview with the Vampire

What the 1994 film suggested, the 2022 series totally embraces: Louis de Pointe du Lac falls in love with Lestat de Lioncourt, a cultivated, cruel and carnivorous French vampire. At the Pygmalion, Louis learned everything from Lestat: the art of dressing, human hunting, good manners at the opera, reading minds, controlling impulses as well as abandonment, sensuality, refinement and even polyamory. Interview with the Vampire drips with melodrama, extravagance and kitsch, but in a perfectly assumed and considered form. In the same vein as True Blood(and Maxwell House), it’s good to the last drop.

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Halloween | Series and films that give the scare