“He does not realize the harm he is doing me”: why Emmanuelle Seigner is angry with Marc

Emmanuelle Seigner, who remains alongside her husband director Roman Polanski despite accusations of rape and sexual assault, was particularly hurt by Marc-Olivier Fogiel. The 56-year-old actress tells in her new book…

Emmanuelle Seigner defend her husband Roman Polansky at all costs, despite the accusations of rape and sexual assault against him. The 56-year-old actress confides openly in her work, A Burnt Life, released at the end of October. She assures that the media did not give her a gift. In 2010, for example, a few months after the arrest of Roman Polanski, accused of rape of a minor, Emmanuelle Seigner noticed that she was particularly sought after by journalists. But they are hardly interested in her work and prefer to talk about her scandalous husband. “Interview requests are pouring in. I should be filled by the articles which are devoted to me. But they exasperate me and depress me, because I have the feeling, precisely, that they never talk about my work“, she recalled in her book.

Emmanuelle Seigner, injured by Marc-Olivier Fogiel

In January 2010, the actress decided to cover the SHE in order to break the silencearound her husband. An initiative in which she embarks reluctantly: “It’s probably the rule of the media game, but I have trouble swallowing it“. Shortly after, it was the turn of the former host and journalist Marc-Olivier Fogiel to invite him to the microphoneEurope 1. Again, Emmanuelle Seigner does not escape questions about her husband. The journalist is even particularly insistent.

Clearly, he has only one obsession, to make me talk about Roman, and about the case, she said in her book. She tries to answer”as simply as possible“. But obviously, Marc-Olivier Fogiel does not perceive his discomfort: “I navigate as I can to evade. He insists. Fogiel does his job with kindness, but he does not realize the harm he is doing to me“.

Emmanuelle Seigner: what “humiliated” her

At the time, Emmanuelle Seigner had just released her opus, Crazy, on which appears a song that she performs in duet with Roman Polanski. While Marc-Olivier Fogiel asks her why she agreed to sing with her husband despite the accusations against him, the actress perceives a form of indifference in the journalist. “My answer surely does not interest him. He asks me if I support my husband. I will come out of all these encounters vaguely humiliatedshe lamented.

Emmanuelle Seigner, “blacklisted” in France

For the actress, the repercussions of her husband’s legal disputes on her own life are unbearable. In addition to this media obsession for her husband, Emmanuelle Seigner cannot exercise her profession as an actress normally. “Myself, I am blacklisted in France. There, I have just made a film in New York with Willem Dafoe, they don’t have that kind of problem. They manage to hire me for the qualities that I have and not because I am the wife of Roman Polanski“. she recently regretted in seven to eight.

What is Roman Polanski accused of?

As a reminder, the director of the films The Vampire Ball, The pianist or Repulsion is accused of having drugged and raped American Samantha Gaileyonly 13 years old at the time of the events, in Los Angeles in 1977. The latter, who would have received financial compensation in civil proceedings, wanted to withdraw her complaint and repeatedly asked for the abandonment of criminal proceedings against the director but American justice has always refused his request.

Subsequently, other women – 11 to date – have brought charges against him, for example Valentine Monnier, a French photographer who accuses the filmmaker of having her raped and minted in 1975when she was 18 years old, during a stay in Switzerland.

“He does not realize the harm he is doing me”: why Emmanuelle Seigner is angry with Marc-Olivier Fogiel