Here is the magic trick to store garlic without it sprouting and becoming bitter


In your family recipe, the handling or dosage of garlic gives you cold sweats. What if you started by taming it?

Garlic like you’ve never read it before!

In horror movies, garlic image is not glorious. In fact, this ingredient frightens the vampires. Moreover, the specialists murmur that it is because of the massive presence of the spice in a stew that Napoleon lost in Dresden. True or not, this rumor continues to haunt history buffs. However, many experts regularly try to convince them of the character antibacterial of this food. Once inserted into grandmother’s remedies, it would work wonders. If you have an idea in mind, the team ofObjeko is a taker!

However, once you come across this herb, you realize that it is often mentioned in family recipes. Like the onion, thepeel can sometimes cause cold sweats. After a while, the pod has practically no more secrets for you… except for its conservation. Fortunately, the editorial staff has unearthed some tips from behind the bundles that should put all your fears away.

With paper

Once back from the supermarket or the market gardener, we recommend that you wrap it. After finding a packaging or a sheet of baking paperbet on a place dry, away from moisture. Placed in the middle of your reserves, you will have no difficulty in recognizing it. Like cheese, its smell can be identified several kilometers away. But no, don’t panic, you are not Dracula’s worthy heir!

The fridge

After struggling to remove the skin from your garlic clove, you realize that you have been a bit greedy. Instead of throwing everything in the trash without feeling guilty, Objeko suggests that you store leftovers in a plastic container. But yes you know this ultra-famous range that you can put in the microwave without worrying that it will melt. Fresh for seven days, you will be able to draw from it without fearing that it will germinate. It is magic !

The freezer

Since this device is on the market, it’s a mini revolution. It’s obvious, in order to be better organized, we tend to want to store a lot of ingredients there. However, as you are often reminded Objeko, there is some exceptions such as summer fruits and vegetables, eggs, milk-based desserts, cheese. As you can see, garlic is not one of them. Phew, honor is safe! On a plaque previously covered with a layer of parchment paper as well asaluminumhe will be safe.

This garlic marinade that is good for you

Finally, if you have olive oil to spare, why not make your own sauce? During evenings with friends, it is able to marry with your salad of raw vegetables, your white meat or red, your fish and shellfish and even this homemade vegetable pan-fried. Once tried, your taste buds will adopt it and even love it!


Here is the magic trick to store garlic without it sprouting and becoming bitter –