Horror movies to watch on HBO Max

The night gets darker, going for water at 3 in the morning with the lights off is quite a challenge and yes… fear is in the air, but we want you to take advantage of the atmosphere to enjoy the terror on your home screen . Go to the ‘HALLOWEEN HOUSE’ section, there you will find six cards to choose your entertainment destination: THE MAD, THE MAGICIAN, THE DEVIL, THE EXECUTIONER, THE LOVERS AND THE CREATURE. What will fate bring you in this month of terror?

Here we leave you just a little of what you can find:

This letter is focused on those who gave free rein to their dark desires or let revenge and madness take over them. If this is your letter, you can enjoy classics like BEETLEJUICEa work by Tim Burton starring big stars of the 80s like Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder or harley quinnwhere in this animated series, Harley, after her breakup with the Joker, tries to make it on her own as Gotham’s crime villain.

The adventure begins just by waving the magic wand. A great alternative is FANTASTIC Beasts: DUMBLEDORE’S SECRETS, starring Oscar® winner Eddie Redmayne alongside Jude Law and Mads Mikkelsen, and other big stars. Or try a more radical beast tamer: CONSTANTINEwhich tells the story of an irreverent occult con man who is not on the side of good or evil, but who is the only one who can defend himself against the dark forces of the afterlife.

Here fans will discover titles whose protagonist is the king of darkness. Without going any further, the best example is the classic THE EXORCIST until reaching more current stories such as STUDIO HORROR 666, in which the Foo Fighters move into a spooky mansion to record their highly anticipated tenth album. In addition, under this selection, you can find other horror jewels such as THE SPELL Y THE DEVIL’S LEGACY.

It is ideal for those who enjoy murder, suspense and horror stories. Among the films that are a must-see is THE GAME OF FEAR, which in its six installments presents the experiences of different groups of people who must survive a series of macabre games to get out alive. Accompany your night with two Halloween references in FREDDY VERSUS JASONwhere iconic characters face off in the dark of night.

The letter for those who identify with failed and tortuous love. One of the favorites in this selection is THE CORPSE OF THE BRIDE, by Tim Burton, which tells the story of Victor and a love that takes him to the underworld. Here Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter are the protagonists. There are also shows like THE VAMPIRE DIARIESin which the mystery, love and suspense stand out from the hand of its charming protagonists: the vampires.

A selection of movies and series in which strange entities terrorize the lives of adults and children. Based on the novel by horror star author Stephen King, IT 2 brings back the evil clown Pennywise with a performance by Bill Skarsgård. And to close this magical and dark tarot, we cannot leave aside titles like MEGALODON, EVIL ONE and the series SWAMP THING.

Horror movies to watch on HBO Max – Style by ShockVisual