How Nicolas Cage’s work moved Brandon Scott Jones

Before the Critics’ Choice Awards, Ghosts Star Brandon Scott Jones sat down with Deadline to discuss the hit supernatural comedy’s nominations, in addition to another exciting project he has on the horizon. At the end of the conversation with ours Perri NemiroffJones talked a bit about Renfieldthe upcoming dark action-comedy that stars Nicholas Cage like none other than the greatest vampire of all time: Dracula.

While talking about the film, Jones revealed what it was like to work with Cage on the set of Renfield, and commented that the actor’s on-set behavior is nothing like what you’d expect – or maybe it’s exactly what you’d expect if you take into account the actor’s approach to the Oscars for some of his most iconic roles. Jones shared:

“One of the biggest takeaways I had when I got back from filming that movie was, Nicolas Cage has been in 14,000 movies. He’s been playing forever. He is one of the best. He is so good. And there’s this maybe cynical side of yourself that you don’t even know exists – and when I say yourself, I’m kind of talking about me – where you kind of assume that they maybe they’re going on autopilot or whatever. And I watched this man walk into work, sit in the makeup trailer, do his makeup as Dracula, and then show up on set and was so excited, and so – oh my god, I almost got a little emotional because it was really moving to see someone love the job so much. And he had these really funny moments where I remember him saying, “Wait, wait, I just want to try something really quick,” and then he was just making a facial expression on camera just so they could tell him. ‘have.”

Although Jones couldn’t reveal details about the “little screen time [they got] to share together,” he teased, “He threw me a line. He was like, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait wait. I have an idea, I have an idea. Say this! ‘” Jones continued, “He threw me a line, a joke to say, and it was really, really cool just to see him so into it and having fun, and having the time of his life.” Jones concluded by noting, “Looked like he was having fun, and it was great to be around him too.”

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It’s high time to make the buzz Renfield

The first trailer for Renfield dropped out this week and Jones is one of them. The trailer focuses on a specific scene, = in which the main character (played by Nicolas Hoult) attempts group therapy in order to find support to escape a toxic relationship, aka the supernatural bond he has forged with his boss, the Vampire King. As Jones’ character tries to give him advice, Cage shows up at the end and wreaks havoc in the therapy session.

Apart from Cage, Hoult and Jones, Renfield also includes Ben Schwartz, Adrian Martinez, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Bess Roussand James Moses Black. It is led by Chris McKay (tomorrow’s war), and co-authored by Robert Kirkman (Invincible) and Ryan Riley (rick and morty).

Renfield premieres in theaters April 14. You can watch the trailer below:

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