“I experienced it very badly”: Pierpaollo Spollon (Doc) reacts to the departure of one of the actors in the TF1 series!

Broadcast since March 26, 2020 on Rai1, Doc made his first appearance on TF1 on January 6, 2021. The series which tells the adventures of a talented doctor who had been the victim of a serious accident on the highway. The shock suffered by his head at the time of the impact had caused significant injuries to him which meant that he no longer remembered the last twelve years of his life. This is also where things start to get tough since he absolutely wants to determine the circumstances of his accident. He therefore insisted on participating in the investigation and at the same time made many efforts to gradually recover his memory.

An original scenario inspired by a true story

This accident recounted in Doc therefore really occurred while Dr. Pierdante Piccionni was driving on the Pavia ring road. The latter who was the former head of the reception and emergency treatment service of Lodi and Codogno. However, some adaptations had been made to the series in order to make it more attractive to the public. In Doc’s original script, his character will be portrayed by Luca Argentero. Playing the role of Professor Andrea Fanti, the actor was therefore propelled into the skin of a head of the internal medicine department of the Milan hospital. Like what had happened to the one who had inspired the story, the latter therefore lost his life.

Living in a world that has radically changed is far from easy and Andrea Fanti has paid the price. The doctor who will therefore have to fight in order to exist in this era of which he no longer had any notion. Love stories also seemed to take a whole different turn for him. On one side, Ricardo who seems to have fallen in love with Veronica. The latter who is none other than the daughter of her mentor. The intern had, however, until then been madly in love with Alba. What sow discord in the life of the one who was single before fate decided to play in his favor. Pierpaollo Spollon was particularly comfortable in the role of this character as he explained during a previous interview. The actor who had admitted to having exchanged with real doctors who had lived through the epidemic of covid-19.

A departure that still hurts

Pierpaollo Spollon had, among other things, confessed to having particularly regretted the departure of one of his co-stars in Doc. The latter who was none other than Gianmarco Saurino. The actor having lent his features to Lorenzo Lazzarini. The interpreter of Ricardo as well to confide that he laughed a lot with his comrade. This made him particularly comfortable during filming. Recall that Lorenzo was one of the victims of the pandemic in previous episodes of Doc. It is therefore impossible that he will one day return to the series. This testimony reassures us at least in relation to the quality of the relationships that existed between the actors on the set. This, despite the fact that the work has counted enormously throughout these two long seasons.

“I experienced it very badly”: Pierpaollo Spollon (Doc) reacts to the departure of one of the actors in the TF1 series!