I want a child: the new reality TV that will make the buzz

If you’re addicted to your small screen and spend hours watching TV, you probably have your favorite reality tv shows. Rather adventure games, talent contests, or dating shows?

I want a child: reality TV that will buzz

We bet in any case that nothing had prepared you for the new show I want a child. The program was launched with our Belgian neighbours. The VTM television channel is behind this programme.

The concept is likely to surprise, even shock, more than one. Strangers who a priori have nothing in common will be put in touch. After meeting and talking, they can decide to have a child and raise it together. Indeed, if they are of different origins, cultures and backgrounds, they all share the desire to have a child and to become parents.

Celibacy, infertility problems, or life choices, everyone will have a good reason for wanting to take a “different” path to achieve their dream of parenthood.

It will even be possible in some cases to form families of extended parents with 3 or four parents for the same child. The first broadcast on October 18 introduced the concept, in order to attract prospective parents.

Conscious co-parenting in reality TV

It is a question here of creating and showing what is the chosen co-parenting or conscious co-parenting. Indeed, if the concept may seem “classic” and look like a Love is in the Pre or Married at First Sight, it is not. This is not a dating show.

The participants will absolutely not be obliged to have a romantic relationship and to evolve as a “couple”. All they have to do is agree on the “child project”. And for that, to agree on the values ​​they want to bring to their offspring, the basics of education, the lifestyle.

Participants will be surrounded and supervised by a psychologist, a doctor and a lawyer.

Internet users shocked by I want a child

As you can imagine, the announcement of this new show caused a lot of reaction from Internet users on social networks. Some point to the dangers of such a broadcast with regard to rights of the unborn child. Others regret that children already born and without parents are not prioritized. The production said it wanted to shed light on what exists today in a real legal vacuum.

Co-parenting chosen is indeed a very complex subject and still little explored or in any case very little publicized. And yet, it exists. And it is even probably on the point of developing here too, the elected officials having definitively voted in favor of the PMA for all and in particular single women.

Will the show be adapted in France? We don’t know yet. Still, we will be very far from The Voice, Koh-Lanta or Beijing Express.

I want a child: the new reality TV that will make the buzz