If you like The Last of Us on HBO, we recommend 23 post

The premiere of series on a weekly basis has a problem: the wait. Waiting a week between episodes can be tough, especially when it comes to the acclaimed HBO’s The Last of Us. Two episodes have been released and the arrival of the third seems a long way off. And this will get worse as the story progresses and things get more and more interesting.

How to kill time between episodes? And it’s not worth the “something will occur to youJoel’s. If you like HBO’s The Last of Us and you want to appease the “monkey” between episodes, here are 23 movies and series that you can currently watch on the main streaming platforms.

fantastic fungi

I already recommended you the docu-film or documentary film of fantastic fungi. It is a 1 hour and 20 minute documentary that tells you what mushrooms are, their place in our world and some of their properties. It is especially interesting considering that the series deals with the cordyceps behavior in a different way and with much more depth.

the walking dead

It was obvious. series of the walking dead it had to be on the list, regardless of user reviews. Watching two series at the same time is not everyone’s cup of tea, but with TWD you won’t be short of zombie stuff. It has a total of 11 seasons and its chapters are around 40 min. Follow the story of Rick Grames, a policeman who must survive the zombie apocalypse.

World War Z

If you want to see zombies by the hundreds, then you should check out the movie. World War Z. Brad Pitt stars in a zombie apocalyptic story that takes place in various parts of the world. The characteristic feature of him is to show hordes of hundreds and thousands of zombies. There is also a videogame with the same name.

  • World War Z Is available in Netflix.

Army of the Dead

Zack Snyder left Batman, Superman and the Justice League behind to launch headlong into a zombie project with Netflix. The result is Army of the Dead, a 2 hour and 28 minute movie that shows a zombie apocalypse in Las Vegas with some strange beings… different. and it comes out dave bautista as a protagonist!

  • Army of the Dead Is available in Netflix.

resident Evil

If we talk about zombies, then Resident Evil is an inevitable mention. I am not going to recommend netflix series and you know you have a movie saga at your disposal. In this case I am going to recommend 2 movies and a series: Resident Evil: The Curse (1 hour and 40 minutes), Resident Evil Vendetta (1 hour and 37 min) and Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness with 4 episodes of 30 min each.

  • Resident Evil: The Curse, Resident Evil Vendetta Y Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness are available in Netflix. You can also find the Serie and various films in the franchise.
  • Resident Evil 4: Afterlife Y Resident Evil: The Final Chapter are available in HBO.


Are you tired of the modern setting but you want zombies? So I recommend the series Kingdom from Netflix. Currently, it has 2 seasons of 6 episodes (50 mins) each. It is set in a zombie apocalypse in the era of the medieval Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897) in Korea.

  • Kingdom Is available in Netflix.
  • Kingdom: Ashin’s Story Is available in Netflix.

I’m legend

I’m legend, starring Will Smith, is a post-apocalyptic film focused on loneliness and whose monsters aren’t exactly zombies. In the original work they are more like vampires and in the film they are a cross between vampires and zombies: they eat uninfected humans and are affected by light.

Robert Nevilleprotagonist of the film, stays in New York City (ground zero) to find a cure the virus that has taken humanity ahead… but it’s costing him more than he imagined.

Zombieland: Kill and Finish

Tired of so much seriousness in zombie movies and series? No problem! I suggest you see Zombieland: Kill and Finishthe sequel to welcome zombieland. Join the world’s most dysfunctional group of survivors and have fun with their crazy life in a post-apocalyptic zombie world.

Other zombie movies and series available on streaming services:

These are some series and movies currently available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO and Disney Plus streaming services. Needless to say, there are many more series and movies of the genre worth mentioning.

Below I recommend some of the most outstanding that are not currently available in these services: Zombie (Dawn of the Dead), Day of the Dead (Day of the Dead), Return of the Living Dead (Return of the Living Dead), Zombies Party (Shaun of the Dead), Dawn of the Dead (Dawn of the Dead), Welcome to Zombieland (Zombieland), Overlord (2018) and more.

If you like The Last of Us on HBO, we recommend 23 post-apocalyptic movies and series that you can stream