In Venice, the Golden Lion is from the Poitras documentary. Guadagnino is silver

Questionable choice of the jury. At the Venice Film Festival, “All The Beauty and the Bloodshed” was awarded. The must-see films like “Athena” and “White noise” come out in February and not even in theaters but on Netflix

Recovered from real life and civil commitment. It seems incredible that in a Venice Film Festival that featured so many beautiful invented stories – the main reason for going to the cinema – the jury with Julianne Moore as president chose the only documentary in competition.

Laura Poitras’ Golden Lion “All The Beauty and the Bloodshed” wins, who has a “Citizenfour” curriculum on Edward Snowden (and a little bit Julian Assange). Oscar 2015 for best documentary, Pulitzer prize for journalism as well as many other beautiful figurines and medals, immediately ended up on the much-hated platforms. “Beauty and bloodshed” – good title, no, to fill the empty halls? – says the photographer and activist Nan Goldin, in the years of heroin and in the years of Oxycontin, an opiate pain reliever you surely already know everything about because you have seen the “Dopesick” series on Disney +. Author’s only detail: the family that produced the drug financed art galleries, but she bravely began a battle to outlaw the drug.

Won’t you even go to the cinema to see this Golden Lion? We can understand and we are in solidarity. Indeed, last year the topic was an unwanted pregnancy and the year before that, the poor life in a caravan. It happens, the juries are unpredictable. If they persist, they risk becoming harmful. The people (and future spectators) who until yesterday were asking “Who wins Venice? Who won?” as soon as they hear the title they will stop taking an interest in the matter.

Luckily we can recommend Luca Guadagnino’s “Bones and All”, award for director and for emerging actress Taylor Russel. It will be released in theaters on November 23, but in the meantime word has spread that the boys (and even the older Mark Rylance) are cannibals. The detail may be displeasing – as if we hadn’t seen and read vampire stories without batting an eye. Too bad, because Guadagnino is very good, his actors good and beautiful, the film works without forcing and without causing giggles, except in the moments wanted by the director.

We can also recommend “The spirits of the island”, the Italian title for “The Banshees of Inisherin” written and directed by Martin McDonagh of “Three posters in Ebbing, Missouri”. Screenplay Award and Actor Award Colin Farrell (stars opposite Brendan Gleeson) and greeted from a Los Angelas kitchenette where he is filming. Instead of the Coppa Volpi he waved a small bunch of bananas. The film is beautiful and very funny, too bad it comes out in February (but maybe they think about it).

So what does the spectator do on a stint? Wait for 23 September and watch “Athena”, the revolt in the Parisian banlieue directed by Romain Gavras. Or hold out until the end of the year to see Noah Baumbach’s “White Noise”, based on Don DeLillo’s novel “White Noise”. Both very beautiful, both on Netflix. That’s where all the talk about “bringing people back to the halls” ended. However, a very unfortunate formula: spectators in theaters must be attracted and seduced, not punished.

In Venice, the Golden Lion is from the Poitras documentary. Guadagnino is silver