Interview with a vampire: a disturbing trailer for the remake of the cult film

The serial remake of the cult film Interview with a Vampire revealed itself in a disturbing first trailer… in every sense of the word.

Since Neil Jordan’s very good adaptation was clearly not enough to satisfy the current audiovisual landscape and its perpetual lack of inspiration, there was talk, since 2016, of readapt in serial format the famous Chronicles of the Vampires by Anne Rice. Nevertheless accusing the blow of a difficult genesis, the project was tossed from executive producers to distributors, before the rights to the literary saga were finally bought by the AMC Networks chain in 2020 (and everyone knows what happened in 2020).

A pandemic later and the series finally launched for good, from unattractive first images and a mysterious teaser gave future viewers enough to form a first idea. Carried the actors Jacob Anderson and sam reidwho now lend their features to the characters formerly played by Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, Interview With the Vampire nevertheless took advantage of Comic-Con 2022 to unveil a new overview much more exhaustive than its predecessors… but not more reassuring.

Without going overboard, these new images have something to raise some questions: wouldn’t it be time, after two centuries of cinematography, to learn how to film night sequences without afflicting the image with washed-out colorimetry where the only element that appears distinctly to the viewer is its own reflection on the screen?

Where did Jacob Anderson’s acting skills go?yet demonstrated when he portrayed the character of Ver Gris in the last seasons of Game Of Thrones ? Why the hell does fake blood look like cheap acrylic paint? Where did the production find these colored contact lenses, and why didn’t they source it elsewhere?

Yes, those lenses, officer.

If these questions are, a priori, doomed to remain unanswered, the deliberate change of era compared to the original novel (which began its story in the 18th century) is explained by the desire of executive producer Mark W. Johnson to conform the story to the expectations of a more modern audience. A questionable decision which does not however seem to really impact the overall plot of the adaptation, which at least seems to have the merit of respecting the original novel.

It also seems thatInterview With the Vampire more prone than Neil Jordan footage to explore the ambiguous bond shared by Louis and Lestat. A potential way to better develop the two characters before Claudia is introduced to the equation, camped by the young Bailey Bass (who we can also see on the poster of future Avatar by James Cameron).

Commissioned for a first season of eight episodes, the first two of which will be directed by Alan Taylor (guilty of the very bad Thor: The Dark World and Terminator: Genisys), Interview With the Vampire will air on AMC beginning October 2, 2022. The series does not currently have a release date for French screens.

Interview with a vampire: a disturbing trailer for the remake of the cult film