It broke her as an actress, but a trip to Israel made her take a new spiritual path: What happened to the life of Mariquita Gallegos?

Galician ladybug She was one of the most important women of the 60s and 70s, since she was part of numerous artistic projects that were highly recognized and awarded worldwide. Although she began her career as a star, over the years she developed as an actress, singer and even television host, but despite her success, decided to take a new path with a low profile.

Her relationship with art began when she was still a child. Her mother was a doctor, but she was a fan of music and played the violin; her father was in the military and was already separated from the woman, however, he supported her passion for the activity. When she was 5 years old she began to study piano and classical dance and throughout his adolescence he perfected his interpretation, composition and orchestration.

At just 14 years old, she was chosen to work in the comedy “Approved in Chastity” which took place in the very Astral Theater on Corrientes Street. Since she was a minor, her mother had to go every night to watch the performances.

Mariquita began her professional career at the age of 14.

an early stardom

After that first work, the record company RCA Víctor contracted her to record a disc, which was called “LLadybug’s dreams”. His melodies were a resounding success and he went on tour not only around the country, but also came to Mexico and produced a television program that was named after the CD. As the years passed, she left the juvenile roles and established herself as a leading figure in national cinema.

It should be noted that Gallegos excelled in both comedies and dramasamong the most famous films can be named:kick-ass!with Pepe Biondi; “The cicada is on fire”, among others. Also, accompanied Alberto Olmedo and Jorge Porcel in funny movies like “The Knights of the Round Bed” from 1973, “Doctors prefer them naked” and “Vampires prefer them chubby”.

The album “The dreams of Mariquita” was a success.

Beyond her great talent, she was also a sensual icon during the 1970s, since she was the first vedette together with important capocomicos of the moment as Jose Marrone, Juan Carlos Mareco, Juan Verdaguer, among others. His professionalism was recognized not only in the country, but also abroad. As a result of this fame, toured Israel and even live in a kibbutz, the border with Lebanon where Gallegos maintained in several interviews that he heard the bombing. Furthermore, for many years toured the United States.

Also, since its inception, it was very well received and supported by other artists, in fact, Tita Merello was like a mother to her. Some time ago, the actress found herself spiritually and since then assures that the success in his life is thanks to Buddhism, since from this belief he learned that he cannot lose opportunities and that he must fight for everything he wants. Currently, every week she holds meetings in neighborhood groups and there they spread and teach more about the faith.

Pepe Biondi and Mariquita Gallegos in “Patapufete”.

a long history

In how many of his personal life, Gallegos had two great romances. The first was the actor and singer, Luis Aguile. After the separation, Blackie introduced him to the actor, Juan Carlos Marco, he bet on love again and began a relationship with him. Some time later, she got married, they went to live in Spain and had her only son Damián. Finally, they divorced in 1970 and she maintained a courtship with Marco Estell.

For 33 years he has been in charge of the cable television program, “The Great Stained Glass“. In this format, she hosts and interviews different characters and people who stand out for being specialists in some subject that can range from region and spirituality to the environment. Also, she performs in a one-man show called “Ladybug like me there are not twoY he is writing a book about his life in which he recounts the most important moments of his long career.

It broke her as an actress, but a trip to Israel made her take a new spiritual path: What happened to the life of Mariquita Gallegos?