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DC Studios co-head James Gunn promises more DCU TV shows that will connect to upcoming films under his direction.

James Gunn promises there will be more DC Universe TV shows to come in the future. The DCU (formerly known as DCEU) takes on a new direction after officially launching from DC Studios on November 1, with Gunn and Peter Safran leading the superhero brand from Warner Bros. Discovery. Under their leadership, they will be in charge of DC movies, TV shows and animation for the next two years. Although their 10-year plan is a work in progress, they should present it to Warner Bros. Discovery in the coming months.

While fans are still eager to learn more about the future of the DCU, one Twitter user inquired about the state of television for the brand. According to Gunn, part of their overall plan is to have DCU TV shows permanently tie into the movies in the same way as his Peacemaker series on HBO Max, which started as a spinoff of The Suicide Squad. Gunn also clarified that animation will also be connected to the DCU, as he replied to another fan that there would be shows produced in 2D and 3D.

How DCU Will Help HBO Max Even More

While Gunn and Safran will likely start revealing more to the public over the coming year, that’s a good sign, especially for HBO Max. The streaming platform’s uncertain future is a side effect of the Warner Bros. merger. Discovery; HBO Max has seen many changes over the past few months. While the newly formed company obviously isn’t abandoning the digital market, the focus has shifted more towards what it wants to do in theaters. The plan for 2023 is to merge HBO Max and Discovery+ into a single streaming service, with its new name yet to be revealed. Initially, they were planning to do this relaunch in the summer of 2023, but new reports have indicated that it will happen as soon as next spring. However, one concern that has grown over the past few months is where DC falls in this aspect.

Several DC-based shows that were in various stages of development have either been scrapped or are in the process of being picked up from other outlets. JJ Abrams’ Constantine and Madame X series, which are meant to tie into his Justice League Dark universe, are looking for new homes, and so is the Batman: Caped Crusader animated series. However, with Gunn’s promise that the DCU will have shows that will help expand the TV division, it bodes well for HBO Max (or whatever the new name is in 2023), which means the streaming platform won’t. probably won’t give up DC products.

Peacemaker has already shown how well it works to have a DCU spin-off series the same as the MCU. With The CW slowly removing the Arrowverse from its lineup, HBO Max will most likely be a bigger priority for Warner Bros. Discovery when it comes to producing DC shows, whether DCU-related or not. Theoretically, if Gunn and Safran wanted it, the next Green Lantern TV show, which is being redeveloped with John Stewart in the lead, could be something that exists in the DCU. This could start to lay the groundwork for the Green Lantern Corps in the movies. With Gunn and Safran in charge, the future of the DCU looks brighter than ever, and it’ll be intriguing to see how the TV side factors into its master plan.

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James Gunn promises more DCU TV shows are coming | Pretty Reel