Jaws of the night: vampires and suspense in the new Netflix movie

With just under two weeks to go until a new Halloween Night, Netflix adds to its catalog jaws of the nighta movie where ancient vampires live in the city of Los Angeles without most of its inhabitants not even suspecting it.

Which, under the direction of Adam Randallcombines horror with suspense to show the story of one of those citizens ignorant of the existence of supernatural beings, who one night crosses the path of not one but two of them.

The same ones that, as the beginning of the film explains, have lived on earth for a long timehunting humans and being hunted, until they reached a truce that brought peace and made “normal” people forget the existence of bloodsuckers.

At the same time that the latter inspired books, series and movies, while keeping a very low profile and becoming millionaires. But the armistice begins to falter when the vampires they break one of their main rules: never enter Boyle Heights.

Maw of the night | Netflix

The neighborhood symbol of human resistance, inhabited largely by Latinos and to which the beings of the night returned without permission, unleashing alarm among those who still fight them. As Jay (Raúl Castillo), he must find the vampire who kidnapped his girlfriend.

However, the plot soon focuses on his brother Benny (Jorge Landeborg Jr..), who offers to drive Jay’s rental car for the night. A favor that will become the young man’s worst nightmare after picking up two clients at the exclusive Beverly Hills.

Dangerous adventure in Los Angeles

Maw of the night | Netflix

They are Zoe (Lucy Fry) and Blair (Debby Ryan), and must transport them to five different parties throughout the night, culminating before dawn. At the same time Jay and his companions go looking for Victor (Alfie Allen), the vampire who broke the truce.

But Benny becomes suspicious of his passengers’ intentions when they get out of the car, leaving behind a cell phone and the boy sees a text from Victor where he refers to Jay, and then goes through one of his bags, discovering money and jewelry stained with blood.

Maw of the night | Netflix

It gets even worse after he walks into a hotel room where Zoe and Blaire are found drinking the blood of two men. After this and revealing his true identity, Benny’s life is spared on the condition that he takes them to the real Jay.

Everything that is part of the plan of Victor, a mid-level bloodsucker who decided to seize power, eliminating the five bosses who control the city with the help of his girlfriend Zoe and her friend Blaire. However, the latter is very attracted to Benny.

The unexpected protagonist of a unique adventure that will take him to side with the vampires when these are attacked by a human group dedicated to eliminating them. At the same time, Jay puts her life in danger by agreeing to meet Victor alone.

In some of the plot twists of jaws of the nighta tape that navigate between thriller and horror, with some romance. And although at times the film loses rhythm and the axis of its narration, it finally achieves the objective of entertaining and being a potential option to see on Halloween.

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Jaws of the night: vampires and suspense in the new Netflix movie