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Vampire cinema has offered few fresh alternatives in recent years, but John Carpenter has a favourite. In interview with The New Yorker, the director of The Thing from Another World reveals that there is a movie about bloodsucking creatures that has really surprised him and left him with a good taste in his mouth; is about Let me in – 98%originally known as Let the Right One In. The American has extensive experience in this type of story and now admits that the Swiss production has earned his respect.

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Let me Entering introduces us to the story of Oskar, a boy who does not enjoy attention at home and who is constantly bullied by his classmates. He soon meets Eli, a mysterious and beautiful girl in whom he will discover love but also the path to revenge. The film was released in 2008 under the direction of Thomas Alfredson with a script of John Ajvide Lindqvist ; the reception of the public and the critics of experts were so good that Hollywood made its own remake in charge of Matt Reevesin the star roles we find Chloë Grace Moretz Y Kodi Smit-McPhee.

Like any artist looking to renew or stay up-to-date in their field, John Carpenter revealed to The New Yorker that Let me in is a tape that surprised him in a pleasant way: “I think there is a great call Let me in. I think it’s a movie that reinvents the vampire genre, it really does, and I admire it for that.” Let the Right One In remains an innovative installment in this type of cinema and there are few productions that have really dared to glimpse new ways of narrating fiction starring these splendid creatures of the night.

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In 1998, John Carpenter He launched vampires, tape that presents the bloody adventure of a group of vampire hunters, who with the help of the Vatican are asked to hunt down a master vampire and his thugs, who have been committing murders. While the leader exterminates and receives direct orders from the Vatican, since his parents were killed by vampires and he was raised by the Church, the institution has its own agenda regarding a centennial cross that must not fall into the hands of the Church. main antagonistic beast. Although the film was not particularly well received by critics, it represents a precedent in the career of carpenter within the genre.

In addition to the thing from the other world, John Carpenter is famous for movies like Survive – 83%, 1997: Escape from New York – 84%, vampires, Prince of Darkness – 57%, In the Mouth of Terror – 51%, The Town of the Damned – 96% and many more. He worked as a producer for Halloween Kills: The night is not over yet – 63%the most recent film in the franchise and which received very good comments from its followers, and now everyone is waiting for the release of Halloween Endsin which he also plays the same role, in addition to being a composer.

The months pass and the season of scares is getting closer, with it comes Halloween Ends, the sequel that marks the return of some of the most famous characters in slasher cinema. The franchise has had many installments since the first, some notable, some pretty bad and forgettable. In 2018, she returned to the story of Laurie Strode, this time in a more mature stage, a woman who lives in fear of seeing the terror of her youth again; Unfortunately, her nightmares come true, and she once again has to face the unstoppable giant that she stalks during Halloween night and along the way she leaves a trail of blood that no one can erase. Ends opens on October 13.

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John Carpenter Says Let Me In Is Magnificent And That He Reinvented Vampire Cinema | tomatoes