Jorge Javier Vázquez: “I don’t know where I got the Ondas Award, I think I’ve lost it”

The last week on this show different names were considered that could be the Madrid mayoral candidates for the PSOE. Among the candidates, was joked with the possibility that it was Jorge Javier Vazquez one of the chosen ones, for being a known person and that he had already campaigned for the Socialist Party in previous elections.

An “earthquake” in Ferraz

The rumor spread on social networks and reached the Congress of Deputieswhere the media asked the Minister of Finance and government spokesperson, Maria Jesus Monterowho denied the candidacy of the television presenter. Hours later, too Jorge Javier Vazquez denied this information.

The next day, in his monologue eight o’clock in the morning, Carlos Alsina admitted the mess that had arisen as a result of what began as a joke: “it occurred to us to start making pools, I I pronounced the name of Jorge Javier Vázquez and in Ferraz there was an earthquake”.

He would never run for public office.

A week later, in ‘More than one’ Jorge Javier Vázquez once again affirms that would never run as a candidate of any political party because they are not really qualified for it. Among the things that impress him most about holding public office is having to interact with foreign leaders or answer questions without knowing the answer.

If I sunk Gabilondo, I went to his meeting and the poor man got very bad results

“Please, if I sank Gabilondo, I went to one of his meetings and the poor man had very bad results”, says Jorge Javier laughing when he thinks about the possibility of being Mayor of Madridposition for which he considers that “you have to know your city very well and know what happens in each neighborhood”. He, for his part, admits that there are many neighborhoods in Madrid that he doesn’t even know.

“The hardest year and a half of my life”

Apart from the rumors that related him to Madrid politics, today his book ‘Before oblivion’, of the Planet editorial. In it, Jorge Javier takes a tour of his personal and professional life starting from the death of his friend and partner Mila Ximénezthe beginning of the novel.

At almost 53 years old, the television presenter acknowledges that he has just passed “the hardest year and a half of my life.” Now that it has passed, he considers that he is entering the best stage of life, where peace and serenitytwo elements that he previously detested.

“Before, a human being who presumed to live in peace seemed to me to be dead, a horror. I I wanted to live, experience, get excited, I wanted to be constantly feeling”, remembers Jorge Javier of a time in his life that has already passed and from which he had to say goodbye even though he was aware of the pain what this implies.

Now, however, he seeks in his life the quietthe serenity Y peaceand assures that life “is permanently giving you opportunities”.

Mila Ximénez, his life partner

To what has been suffered after the pandemic is added the death of his “life partner”, Mila Ximénez, which has made his life totally different. “They say that the United States lost its adolescence with the Vietnam War, I cWith Mila’s death I went from a teenager to an adult“, he confesses excitedly.

Mila for me was like the red bow that you put on a gift, that point that helps to beautify life

Now remember that his life with milaand before the pandemic, it was very happy and funny: “we were two tormented beings and we found ourselves in our torments”.

The presenter compares his friendship with Mila as a gift and acknowledges that he will never feel something similar with anyone again: “Mila for me It was like the red bow you put on a gift.that point that helps beautify life; That was Mila to me.”

“I took a mania for Ondas that I don’t even know where I have it”

Jorge Javier explains that today he should start promoting his book in the Chain BE recording a interview with Aimar Bretos. However, the match has been canceled after Charles Francino -winner of the Ondas Award for his professional career- said in an interview that he thought “disgusting” television What does Jorge Javier do?

Regarding the Ondas Awards, he complains that he was given the Waves to the best presenter“a consolation prize, a horror” and he jokes that these Awards no longer have any kind of importance since they were given to him. “I don’t even know where I have it, I took a habit of Ondas that I don’t even know where I have it,” says Jorge Javier.

Ayuso, “a mix between Maduro and Chávez”

In his book he also talks about his arrival in Madrid“one of the best cities in the world to live in”, but which in recent years has stood out for strong clientelism among the elites and where there are deep inequalities.

“The Madrid of now uses Venezuela as a throwing weapon, but Madrid is becoming the new Venezuela“, says Jorge Javier, also alluding to Isabel Diaz Ayuso“a president who is a mixture between Maduro and Chávez”.

In line with this, he accepts the electoral results, although he insists on not understanding “how we have reached this point.” For his part, he maintains that he is more spiritual since he Ayuso is in power, “because I think she and Miguel Ángel Rodríguez are the antichrist”.

Jorge Javier Vázquez: “I don’t know where I got the Ondas Award, I think I’ve lost it”