Keanu Reeves: with his past, the actor could perfectly embody this villain of the MCU

Not long ago, we offered you a list of superheroes that Keanu Reeves could interpret perfectly in the MCU. However, beyond superheroes, Keanu Reeves could also very well embody a new villain in the MCU. And this villain would fit her perfectly, in view of his past.

Could Kenau Reeves star as a new MCU villain?

Keanu Reeves joining the MCU, this is the dream of many Marvel fans, and of the actor. It must be said that Keanu Reeves himself recently admitted having met the boss of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, about a hypothetical role in the MCU, which is in full expansion. And given the actor’s past, one could almost imagine a role cut out for him: the movie antagonist Blade.

The character of Blade, embodied by Mahershala Ali, Oscar winner, will take on the role of Blade for the next few years (a release date for the film has yet to be set). And although Reeves’ name has been cited by fans as a potential candidate for roles such as Ghost Rider and Wolverinethere are two major reasons why he would be perfect to play the role of Blade.

The reasons why Keanu Reeves would be a perfect Dracula

First of all, Keanu Reeves has a famous film experience when it comes to vampires. The star of Matrix Resurrections previously portrayed the character of Jonathan Harker, Dracula’s adversary, in the movie Dracula from 1992one of the most beloved recent adaptations of the Bram Stoker’s classic novel.

Make of Reeves MCU’s Dracula would be a really brilliant casting choice. Previously, Dracula, traditionally portrayed as the baddest of all vampires and the prototype of the entire genre, has once served as the main villain in a Marvel movie, but not in the MCU. Dracula was the villain of the movie Blade: Trinity from 2004, which many still consider a disgrace to the iconic character. Getting Keanu Reeves to reprise his role as Dracula opposite a Blade played by Mahershala Ali would offer hope to fans, and perhaps redeem the character’s notoriety.

Beyond the fact that Keanu Reeves played the role of Jonathan HarkerReeves’ eternally youthful appearance has often earned him comparisons to a vampire. The different memes around the actor and the vampires could thus be renewed if Keanu Reeves was definitely taking on the role of Dracula in the future.

Moreover, thanks to the actor’s experience in hand-to-hand combat (seen in the Matrix and John Wick franchises in particular) and his commitment to sports, Keanu Reeves’ Dracula could also bring out the character from the shadows, reinventing him completely. Keanu Reeves’ Dracula could measure up to the Blade of Mahershala Ali in big budget fights, and with impressive choreography to boot. It is on this last point that Reeves’ samurai role in 47 Ronins would be very useful.

And you, on your side, would you like to discover Keanu Reeves as Dracula, or did you prefer him to play another character in the MCU? We let you answer this question via our comments area ! And if you want to discover the last interview of Keanu Reeves talking porn and sex with avatarsyou can consult our previous article on this subject.

Keanu Reeves: with his past, the actor could perfectly embody this villain of the MCU