Keyla Rivera: the Ibaguereña who has captivated Colombians with her voice

Keyla Rivera: the Ibaguereña who has captivated Colombians with her voice

Keyla Rivera: the Ibaguereña who has captivated Colombians with her voice

Keyla Rivera Alarcón is a young woman from Ibagueres, who at only 19 years old already cultivates a long musical career; She has been able to captivate all Colombians with her voice and, of course, she has been in charge of representing the musical capital of Colombia on stages on the small screen.

Keyla developed her interest in music and singing from a very young age, since she grew up in a musical environment, surrounded by different vocal technique tutors, including her aunt and her parents; when she was barely 2 years old, she received one of the most special and significant gifts from her father, a karaoke where the artist chose her favorite songs and performed them, thus taking her first steps towards this promising career and demonstrating her vocal ability.

In later years, this young woman continued to get involved in the musical field, which led her to participate in different singing competitions in the city, such as the “Cazatalentos” in 2009, when she was only 5 years old and in which she managed to destroy the first place among a large number of participants.

In 2015, he got his first approach to national reality shows, participating in the second season of “La voz kids”, a well-known program from Caracol Televisión. There she was part of Maluma’s team and her process was so satisfactory that she was a semifinalist, leaving

all the spectators delighted thanks to the use of such a powerful vocal timbre at his young age.

And her path continues, now at 19 years old and with much more experience, Keyla came to the stages of “La Descarga”, another Caracol television program, where she had her audition a few days ago, ending up in the contest.

Making use of her dramatic mezzo-soprano vocal technique, she performed the song “Sobreviviré” by Gloria Gaynor, managing to convince the mentors Marbelle, Maía, Gusi and Santiago Cruz to move on to the next stage. On Wednesday night, Keyla reappeared on stage to sing Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing and managed to be selected to be part of the Marbelle team.

Among the musical achievements in which Keyla has already participated, is the collaboration with fellow artist and singer Dave Bolaños, being part of the “Return to You” project, which lays the foundations for the creation of one of the most representative hymns of the musical city of Colombia. She too, has joined international artists, such as the group Vilma Palma e Vampiros, supporting the group’s tour in different cities in Colombia during the third quarter of 2022.

Despite the tight schedule due to the commitments acquired with Caracol in “La descarga”, Keyla continues to develop various music production projects, in addition to continuing her studies in Audio Engineering at the Tolima Conservatory, a program in which she has received a scholarship. thanks to his knowledge, dedication and passion for the study of music and polyphonic arts.

Likewise, he has also participated in social work in various educational institutions in the city of Ibagué, carrying out multiple campaigns against bullying and bullying, sharing a message of peace, coexistence and reconciliation through his charisma and talent, demonstrating that he is a complete artist.

Keyla Rivera: the Ibaguereña who has captivated Colombians with her voice