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A decisive role that of the parent, because he guided and protected his daughter in the first years of her career

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The mother of Kirsten Dunst she was instrumental in her daughter’s career. In her career, the actress has shot many films of all kinds. Kirsten Dunst he made his film debut with New York Stories Of Woody Allen in 1989 starring in the episode “Oedipus wreck“, then had taken part in The bonfire of the vanities Of Brian DePalma the next year. She was still young but became famous in Interview with the vampire Of Neil Jordan in 1994, in which he shares the screen with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. In 1995 she starred in the cult Jumanji Of Joe Johnston and in 1998 at Small Soldiers Of Joe Dante.

She became a star known to international audiences thanks to the role of Mary Jane Watson in the trilogy of Spider Mandirected by Sam Raimi. He took part in Spider Man (2002) and its two sequels Spider Man 2 (2004) and Spider Man 3 (2007). She also starred in 2005 in If you leave me I delete youOf Michael Gondrywinner ofOscars to the best original screenplay. She subsequently she was the queen of France, Maria Antonietta in the biopic Marie AntoinetteOf Sophia Coppola (2006). She then participated in a season of the successful TV series Fargo.

Because the mother was crucial to the career of Kirsten Dunst? Many actors who became child stars have not confirmed their skills displayed at a young age because they could not handle the pressure. It has happened to many actors, one example is Macaulay Culkin. Kirsten Dunst thanks to her mother she concentrated entirely on her work and to improve in acting, thanks to her mother who kept her away from the star system. A decisive role that of her parent who allowed her this extraordinary career.

Her mother was key to Kirsten Dunst’s career, she kept her grounded

Kirsten Dunst She started her career at a young age, which many actors missed out on but the actress said this was due to the important role her mother had. In an interview with Marie-Claire UK, the Spider-Man star recognized the importance of parenting. “Being a child actress can be really damaging to your psyche.”

In the continuation of the interview we understand why the mother was fundamental for the career of Kirsten Dunst. In fact, her mother made sure that she continued to do what was appropriate for her age, leading a normal life, sending her to school and prom normally. “My mom always sent me to school normally, so I never missed prom or field trips or any of those things.”

Football girls and the merits of Kirsten Dunst’s mother

There Kirsten Dunst continued to attend classes at school at Los Angeles while appearing in films. Being down to earth and having a normal life of hers also helped her play the schoolgirl in 2000 Torrance Shipman in Girls in the ball. “I was that girl. It was like I was in high school as myself. It wasn’t an effort at all. I was a cheerleader, my best friend was a cheerleader. I didn’t race, but I watched them on TV.” Now the importance of Kirsten Dunst’s mother”

Kirsten Dunst another interview with The Guardianexplained that his mother, Inez, she understood that she was destined to be an actress because she was always a happy child. Her parents eventually started taking her to auditions for TV commercials. She worked because Kirsten Dunst got his first commercial at the age of just 3 years old.

Kirsten Dunst has always acknowledged her mother’s merits for her career, none of this would have been possible without her

In many interviews Kirsten Dunst she credited it with helping her stay grounded. Starting your career early isn’t easy, because if you don’t have a great willpower or the right people around you risk getting lost. This has allowed the actress to have a prosperous career.

Meanwhile, the actress, born in Point Pleasantin the New Jersey, April 30, 1982 already has two children. The father is the fellow actor Jesse Plemons that she met on the set of Fargo.

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Kirsten Dunst’s mother | they are not just movies