L’Aquila: everything is ready for the big events of the LAQFF

The great appointment with the fifteenth edition of the L’Aquila Film Festival kicks off in L’Aquila. From 21 to 29 November, the LAQFF will take place at the Park Auditorium and the Palazzetto dei Nobili and, as in the past edition, will host the Abruzzo Film Industry, an event aimed primarily at economic and cultural operators of the Abruzzo region deal with cinema. The ten-day festival will conclude a journey of more than two months of Cinema and meetings achieved in recent weeks through numerous initiatives such as the Gran Sasso Festival, the Festival of Cultures, the review of first and second works, the DOQ review dedicated to documentary cinema and numerous screenings-events.

The two events, financed by the Ministry of Culture, the Municipality of L’Aquila, the Chamber of Commerce of Gran Sasso d’Italia and the Carispaq Foundation, will be full of guests and speakers, starting from the two respective openings which will be held by Tony Servillo, cinema and theater giant, an actor who has characterized the last three decades of the Neapolitan and national cultural scene. On Monday 21 November he will meet the Festival audience at the end of the screenings de The Extra Man and The Strangeness; on Tuesday 22 November he will hold a masterclass for young actors, filmmakers and students.

Also Joseph Piccioni will be a guest of the Festival presenting his The shadow of the day and then holding a masterclass and like him the Congolese director Petna Ndoliko Katondolo with his movie Kumbuka and screenwriter Davide Orsini from Teramo.

Space will also be given to social and current issues with meetings with Autism Abruzzo Onlus and the screening of Tommy and the others in the presence of the author and journalist Gianluca Nicoletti and the Presidency of Autism Abruzzo Onlus Dario Verzulli and the one on women’s rights in Iran with Amnesty International and the journalist Gabriella Colarusso and the head of Amnesty International Ilaria Masinara on the occasion of the screening of Persepolis by the Iranian Marjane Satrapi.

Another important guest will be the director Stefano Chiantini who will premiere his latest film The return with the singer Emma Brown who will try to attend the screening, in the hall or remotely. Do not miss the live soundtrack of Davide Barbafiera and Tommaso Tanzini of the masterpiece of German Expressionism Nosferatu the vampire by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of its release in cinemas.

Within the Festival, an entire day will then be dedicated to Gran Sasso Festival 2022 made by LAQFF himself, to female mountaineering with the film Climbing Iran and the presence of the director Frances Borghettithe doctor and mountaineer Annalisa Fioretti and the pianist Natalia Ratti.

A very important space is dedicated to the films in competition with five feature films competing for the main prize and that of the UNIVAQ student jury:

As before, by Tommy Weber (France)

Bentu, by Salvatore Mereu (Italy)

Rebel, by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah (Belgium)

La traversèe, by Florence Miailhe (France)

The staffroom, by Sonia Tarokic (Croatia)

The Best Film 2022 award will be assigned by the Jury composed of Michelangelo Iuliano, Mediaset journalist, Andrea Magnani, director, screenwriter and producer, and Eleonora Nascimben, reporter and social communicator, while a jury of Univaq students composed of Luca Cialfi, Leonardo Di Pietrantonio and Arianna Tomassini will award the UNIVAQ Prize.

An equally important space will be occupied by the short film competition, selected by an exceptional jury made up of girls and boys from the Bafile and Cotugno institutes participating in the PCTO of the L’Aquila Film Festival, organized this year for the first time.

The audience present in the room will form the Jury that will elect the winning short film.

The 9 short films in competition are the following:

Re-Animal, by Rubén Garcerá (Spain)

When the sun comes up, by Viktorija Samardzic (Serbia)

Ficciones, by Teo Planell and Alejandra Kikidis (Spain)

The Balcorto, by Alessio Merighi (Italy)

One Hour Only, by Serena Corvaglia (Italy)

Paradise Lost, by Francesca Fini (Italy)

Not Exactly Ken Loach, by Stefano Moscone (Italy)

Monsieur Lucien, by Robin Barriere (France)

Lights, by Adél Palotás (Hungary)

Furthermore, the girls and boys of the PCTO will assist in the realization of the entire event by actively participating in all the activities that characterize it: under the guidance of the LAQFF organizers they will take care of interviewing the guests who will intervene, of taking care of their hospitality, of managing public reception etc.

The final evening, in which the awarding of the winners will take place, will be characterized by the presence of another great guest, protagonist of series and films: Federico Cesarithe Martino Rametta of Skam Italy and the Daniel Mencarelli from Everything asks for salvation in fact, he will be the official godfather of the Festival while the PCTO LAQFF guys made with the Bafile and Cotugno Institutes of L’Aquila will award the Best Short Film.

During the final evening it will also be possible to listen to the Orchestra of Piazza Palazzo which will accompany the final event of this very rich edition of the L’Aquila Film Festival in music.

There will also be meetings and technical events of the Abruzzo Film Industry, aimed at insiders: Wednesday 23 November regional operators will meet with representatives of the Abruzzo Region for proposals to relaunch Abruzzo cinema and the Interuniversity Observatory on Cinema and audiovisuals in Abruzzo will organize a meeting with the newly established Abruzzo Film Commission (in the person of councilor Daniele D’Amario ), Cristina Priarone of the Italian Film Commission, Stefania Ippoliti of the Toscana Film Commission, Marco Cucco of the University of Bologna, Bruno Zambardino of the MIC and Ester Di Cino and Alessandra Lucantonio of the Abruzzo Region.

There will still be space to talk about cinemas between crises and virtuous examples with the speeches of the representatives of the Lizzani Prize, the ANAC President Francesco Martinotti, the managers of the cinemas Ettore Scola of Pescasseroli and Postmodernissimo of Perugia and Tony Zitella, President of ANEC Abruzzo.

Finally, also attention to the projects of young authors with the director-producer pitches and the Next Abruzzo competition, to gender issues in cinema with Eleonora Nascimben, Ira Fronten and Stefano Chiantini, to the themes of Euro-planning with Claudio Esposito, producer, Daniela De Francesco, author, Mirco Mirabilio, CNA Abruzzo representative, and Stefano Chiavarini, Executive Producer, and Product placement with the intervention of Leonardo Paulillo, expert lawyer in copyright.

The two programs, so extensive, can be consulted online at the site www.laquilafilmfestival.it where it will also be possible to book for various appointments, when necessary.

All events, meetings and screenings are free to enter

Other contacts: info@laquilafilmfestival.it / facebook.com/laquila.filmfest / instagram.com/laquilafilmfestival

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