Le Destin de Lisa: what do the actors look like today? (PICTURES)

Do you remember the series Lisa’s Destiny in the heady credits? This German series had been broadcast in 2007 at the end of the afternoon on the TF1 channel and landed in full on Salto in July. Viewers let themselves be carried away to the rhythm of Lisa Plenske’s heart stories, hence the name of the series in French (while in German Verliebt in Berlin means “Lovers in Berlin”). She then landed at the Kerima Moda agency, where fashion and style rhyme with powers and influences. Fortunately, in this cold and harsh world, she found comfort in David’s arms… well, in her dreams. Indeed, David, the pretender to the succession of Kerima Moda, loved another. Since the end of the series fifteen years ago, what has become of Lisa, David, Renaud and the others? What do they look like now?

Lisa aka Alexandra Neldel

Alexandra Neldel really broke into the profession thanks to her role in Lisa’s Destiny. After her performance in the soap opera for which she had to make herself ugly, many opportunities opened up to Alexandra Neldel in her native country. The actress notably obtained one of the main roles of Zodiak, the German version of the French miniseries of Zodiac, but also joined the distribution of the series Presumed guilty in 2008. If she also turned to the cinema, it is especially in many German TV movies that the actress has landed roles

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David aka Mathis Kunzler

Unfortunately for the public who had been seduced by his devastating smile and his puppy dog ​​eyes, Mathis Kunzler has not made many television appearances since the end of the series.

Renaud aka Manuel Cortez

Manuel Cortez rebounded well after the series ended. He regularly plays roles on television but also in films.

Ugo aka George Hubertus Regout

Remember, Ugo was the stylist for Kerima Mode. If in fiction, he is everyone’s friend, it is not far from also being the case in real life where we regularly find the actor at social events.

Mariella aka Bianca Hein

Since stopping the Destiny of LisaBianca Hein, who lent her features to Mariella, David’s fiancée, made a few appearances in German television series.

Sabrina aka Nina-Friederike Gnadig

In real life, Nina-Friederike Gnadig is much softer and calmer than her Sabrina character. Graduated from a school of music and arts, it is to these two activities that she devotes herself today, appearing now only rarely in series.

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Hannah aka Laura Osswald

If Laura Osswald is known in Germany for her role in The Destiny of Lisa, she took advantage of her notoriety to play in another series which was inspired by it: Bruno’s DestinyLisa’s half-brother.

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Le Destin de Lisa: what do the actors look like today? (PICTURES)