Le Flambeau (Canal+): all the nods to Koh

After the pretty villa that had hosted Marc and his many suitors, it’s time for the desert beach of Chupacabra. Marc, alias Jonathan Cohen, is making his comeback there in The torch ! Return acclaimed by fans since the broadcast of the first episodes Monday, May 23 on Canal +. If the series sees the return of old characters, such as Marina, Soraya and even the crazy Alexandra (Leïla Bekhti challenges fans of the series), the concept of the game is completely renewed. After the Bachelor in season 1, Jonathan Cohen and his team tackle this time a parody of the survival game, Koh Lanta, a famous TF1 show. But will you have noticed all the similarities, beyond the concept? Entertainment TV make the point.

Jérôme Commandeur as Denis Brognard

We have to start with the obvious: Jérôme Commandeur is an excellent presenter of adventure games, Denis Brognard better watch out! The sometimes ironic intonations of the flagship presenter of TF1 are there, he is there to ask angry questions as well as to highlight everyone’s failures, knowing how to arouse animosity during advice. The only major difference: unlike Denis Brognard who keeps the same outfits, the character of Jérôme Commandeur varies here the pleasures of clothing: tennis outfits, diving outfits…

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Tips and electric torches

Unable to unlink Koh Lanta his advice at the end of the show, always revealing alliances. Here, the advice is one of the funniest moments of the episodes because we recognize the codes of reality TV. The candidates betray each other there, argue there… And if there is not the famous “their sentence is irrevocable“, a flame is indeed extinguished during the eliminations. Or rather a light, since the torches of Koh Lanta are replaced by electric flashlights. We also can’t help but see a reference to another well-known TF1 game: The weakest link. If in Koh Lanta the votes are confidential, here, way Weak linkyou openly write your vote on your slate, to split the most derogatory comment possible.

Arrows instead of bottles overboard

To announce each event, in Koh Lanta, it is customary for each tribe to receive a bottle with a clue about the nature of the future test. Here, each ordeal, which would bring them a little closer to “the crazy sum of 450 €” is announced by sending arrows, much more dangerous…

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The way tests Koh Lanta

It will not have escaped the regulars of Koh Lanta that the trials of Torch are largely inspired by it: the raft test is a classic, just like that of orientation and the obstacle course to light a basin, repeated and revisited!

The fire extinguished by a candidate

At the end of the first episode of Torchwe can see Marc grabbing a bucket of sand to go and put out the fire in his own camp, because it is impossible for him “to sleep with light“. This scene is reminiscent, in 2020, of the edition The island of heroes from Koh Lanta, where after only three days, Joseph rushed to put out the fire he had lit himself, in order to punish his comrades who were planning to eliminate him.

King Claude with long blond hair?

Among the candidates of Torch, impossible to miss Carole (Natacha Lindinger) because it is really she who assimilates the most to a real candidate for the TF1 show. Former high-level champion, like many candidates from Koh Lanta in various sports, Carole is the caricature of the overly competitive clan leader, ready to do anything to win… Wouldn’t she remind us of Claude, the emblematic candidate of Koh Lantafew years ago ?

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Le Flambeau (Canal+): all the nods to Koh-Lanta that made us laugh!