Lena Dunham Slams Toxic New Year Pressure: ‘I’m So Tired Of Trying’

As the world struggles to come up with new resolutions for 2023 (and stick to them), Lena Dunham has decided to denounce, in an Instagram post, the toxic pressure imposed on everyone at the start of each new year. And we thank her, here’s why.

I become a better version of myself”, “I quit smoking and drinking”, “I try to complain less and enjoy life more”, “I start exercising”, “I do volunteering”… Each new Yearthe New Year’s Eve of December 31 has barely ended, many of us list with motivation (and naivety, sometimes) a whole bunch of resolutions and goals to be held over the next twelve months.

Generally, these good intentions go hand in hand with the idea of ​​starting from scratch and, above all, ofimprove physical and mental health (a healthy mind in a healthy body, so called). An ambition certainly commendable, but often (very) pressurizing. This is what wanted to denounce Lena DunhamSunday, January 1, in an Instagram post which, it must be said, did us good.

“That definitely seems to be the spirit of this holiday, waking up not just to a new year, but to a new you, transformed from within,” the 36-year-old actress wrote. “You have to try, right? But I’m so sick of fucking trying“, she then annoyed, before comparing this kind of personal (and unattainable) quest for perfection to a hamster wheel. “Running and running only to find yourself always there, always stuck in pain or in fear. Always trying,” she exclaimed, almost furious.

“By dint of trying, I failed”

“I tried to be playful but not silly, sane but not obsessive, honest but not offensive, confident but not gullible, quiet but still expressing myself, powerful but not threatening, loyal but not a dog. living room, awake without looking like a personal development book […]. I tried to allocate my time thoughtfully, to greet the day with enthusiasm, not to be disagreeable with my mother, to sleep before midnight and to clear my mind by walking. And each time, by dint of trying, I failed“, concluded the former star of the series Girls.

This (fortunately) is what we uninhibitwhen we already secretly regret our gym membership and lasted only three days before opening a bottle of wine (bye-bye Dry January). Morality: let’s not be ashamed of who we are and stop trying to be perfect, it won’t make us happier (thanks Lena).

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Lena Dunham Slams Toxic New Year Pressure: ‘I’m So Tired Of Trying’