Lestat! Here the intense trailer of the new series of ‘Interview with the vampire’

Vampire fever will once again be strongly felt within the entertainment industry and will do so hand in hand with an all-time classic. As you will remember, interview with the vampire (‘Interview with the Vampire’ in its original title), the emblematic novel by Anne Rice, will be brought to television.

The new project of the AMC chain (the same ones that have led to its signal Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Mad Men Y The Walking Dead) is getting closer to its premiere. And well, to have an idea of ​​what we will see soon, a new trailer for the series arrived. We tell you what’s up here.

Series logo. Photo: AMC.

The new series of ‘Interview with the vampire’

Anne Rice He passed away in December 2021, but his legacy will be remembered for giving us one of the most iconic gothic novels of the modern age. Sure, we’re talking about interview with the vampire, The same one that had its film adaptation in 1994 with Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Kirsten Dunst… And now, it will have a television series.

Plans for a television series based on this book had been in the works for a few years, but nothing came to fruition…until now. AMC took over the rights to the story. between 2019 and 2020, with which there was finally more certainty for this project, which little by little has shown some details.

Here the intense trailer of the new series of 'Interview with the vampire'
Jacob Anderson as Louise Photo: AMC.

Unlike the book and the 1994 film (for which Rice also wrote the screenplay), the television adaptation of interview with the vampire will be developed in a more modern context of the city of New Orleans. The series, yes, will stick to the original novel in essential aspects such as the dynamics between the characters, the development of the plot itself, among other things.

“We try to keep as faithful as possible to the spirit of the book, but it is a very modern interpretation. In many ways, our show is more faithful to the book than the movie.”executive producer Mark Johnson said in an interview for Entertainment Weekly.

The cast of the series stars Jacob Anderson (who we have seen in Game Of Thrones as Gray Worm) in the role of Louis de Pointe, to Sam Reid like Lestat de Lioncourt and the young Bailey Bass like claudia. If the series does well, we could see the literary saga of The Vampire Chronicles of Rice as a filmic universe on TV.

Here the intense trailer of the new series of 'Interview with the vampire'
Photo: AMC.

Several very short teasers were shown in the previous months of this year, but now in the Comic Con 2022 we finally have an extended trailer that looks spectacular.

Here the trailer of the series with release date

“The year was 1910 in New Orleans”, says Louis to open the new trailer released at Comic-Con. And soon, we are shown a desperate shot of this character arriving at a church. “Please help me. He is in my head, Father”he himself says to the parish priest of the compound.

Thus we are shown how is it that Lestat comes into Louis’s life, how they meet Claudia and how little by little her life is changing in an intense and even tortuous way. What follows is a shot of journalist Daniel Molloy (played by Eric Bogosian), as early as 2022, as he interviews Louis.

the series of interview with the vampire will arrive on AMC’s signal on October 2 of this 2022, waiting for its arrival in Latin America to be announced through a streaming platform. Here the trailer.

Lestat! Here the intense trailer of the new series of ‘Interview with the vampire’