Lily Collins: what movies and series of the protagonist of “Emily in Paris” are streaming?

is a 33-year-old actress who in recent years has gained a lot of popularity thanks to her participation in , a Netflix series in which he also stars. The young woman is the daughter of musician Phil Collins and actress Jill Tavelman.

The actress first appeared on the big screen in the film The Blind Side (A possible dream), a film where Sandra Bullock also participates and which is based on a true story.

Although, that production is not the only one that has its presence. In fact, the young woman has a wide filmography among which also stand out: “Mirror, Mirror” (modern version of the Snow White story), Shadowhunters: City of Bones (adaptation of the book of the same name), among others.

Therefore, below, we indicate which are the series and films of the actress that you can find in some

A possible dream

It is a film that is based on true events and tells the story of a young man named Michael Oher who, due to fate, is welcomed by a well-off family who help him fulfill his dreams. The feature film is on Prime video, HBO Max, Apple TV and Google play.

Emily in Paris

It is a series that premieres its third season in December and tells the story of a young woman who is sent to Paris by the company where she works so that she can support the partners they have in that country. It is on Netflix and currently has two seasons.

Priest: The Avenger

A priest lives in a society that suffers the consequences of centuries of wars between humans and vampires, but something he did not expect is that his niece is kidnapped. The tape is on Apple tv, Claro video and Google play.

The unforeseen of love

The film tells the story of Rosie and Alex, two young people who have been friends since they were children; however, unexpected situations will cause them to separate and when they discover that they are in love, things do not go as they wish. The film is on Prime video, Claro video and Paramount Plus.


The film tells the experiences that Tolkien lives to write his most famous novels (“The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit”). While that happens, he must also deal with love relationships and friendships. The movie is on Star plus and Google play.

Stroke of luck

A young man enters a house that is supposed to be empty, but his plans will change when the owners arrive unexpectedly. The tape is on Netflix.

to the bone

It is a film that tells the story of a teenager who suffers from anorexia nervosa and to receive treatment she must go to an unconventional doctor and a support group. The feature film is on Netflix.

Mirror Mirror

It is a version inspired by Snow White, the tape is about a princess who is saved by a group of thieves who are characterized by having a small size. After her rescue, she must wait for the right moment to try to get her kingdom back. The tape is found on Netflix, Prime video and Claro video.


Lily Collins: what movies and series of the protagonist of “Emily in Paris” are streaming?