Little Monsters and the Myth of the Ossuary (Bone Orchard) by Jeff Lemire scheduled for Urban Comics in April 2023 |

Next year, the editions Urban Comics have planned to dedicate each month of the calendar to a big name in the comics industry. A big name in the contemporary scene, more precisely, and if possible versed in independent creation (a solid background in superheroes DC is not necessarily an obstacle to belonging to the club, of course). In April, the brand honors good Jeff Lemirean author already well represented in the local catalogue, and some recent titles of which are announced at the dawn of the year nine.

A prime screenwriter

Since the beginnings ofUrban Comicsthe Canadian author, discovered by the greatest number for his work on the series Animal Man and Green Arrowis part of the furniture or institutions of the house. Descend, Trillium, sweettooth, Gideon Fallsthe entire universe Black Hammer, Royal City or AD After Deaththe band’s comics department Dargaud has bet on the work of this huge cornerstone of the independent market since the early years and continues today to accompany the man in his new adventures. Randomly, when the latter decides to launch a sort of new shared universe, this time placed in the box of horror.

Indeed, The sightsaccompanied by his faithful sidekick Andrea Sorrentinohas recently immersed itself in a new idea-river scattered over several proposals and several publishing formats. Bone Orchard Mythos in original version, The Myth of the Ossuary in VF, this new extension of the Canadian’s bibliography has already received quite a few announcements in a short time – in the United States, two albums have already been released and two others are currently on the way. Urban Comics will therefore follow the duo in this frightening peregrination, with two first volumes: The passage and Thousands of Black Feathersadaptations of The Passageway and A Thousand Black Feathers.

Like the different volumes of the saga Black Hammerwhich had in common only the motif of the superhero and the use of the same city as a playground, the different titles of Bone Orchard/The Myth of the Ossuary present themselves as independent scenarios apart from a few details. The screenwriter may want to piece together the different stories into a more general long-term framework, but for the moment, see this collection more as a kind of label or unifying note of intent. A bit like the films of the “universe” Cloverfield, before this one uh. Finally it goes crazy, what.

The Myth of the Ossuary – The Passage is expected for April 21, 2023 at a price of 16 euros for 128. The French edition will include the graphic novel The Passageway and the number FCBD presentation of the project Bone Orchard of this year.

“When a geologist goes to an isolated lighthouse in the open sea to investigate a strange phenomenon, he discovers a seemingly bottomless well, which has appeared right in the cliff. It is up to him to discover what is hidden there, and why. this abyss has such a hold on him…”

The Myth of the Ossuary – Thousands of Black Feathers will be released on the same date, in an equivalent price range (this is not specified on theUrban Comics) and will include all five issues of the miniseries, or 160 pages of story.

“Trish and Jackie are two best friends who share the same passion for role-playing games and fantasy. But when the line between reality and their fantasy world is blurred by an evil entity, can they remain the heroines of their own story? ?”

And since it’s a special month, Urban Comics decided to make a wholesale price by announcing in passing the release of Little Monstersanother original creation, again served by a routine companion since Jeff Lemire find the talented Dustin NGuyen. responsible for the wonderful couple Descend/Ascend as well as the album Robin & Batman again and again directed by the same screenwriter. Another horror story, but in the nails of the library’ of the two fellows: very young vampires in an abandoned world, bittersweet allegory on the myth of Peter Pan or eternal youth, lost children, His Majesty of the Flies, etc. One more variation from The sights on the exploration of childhood anxieties, in a more morbid atmosphere than usual.

The album is scheduled for April 7 at the discovery price of 10 euros, it is a first volume while waiting for the sequel, the first five issues of the series for 152 pages of history.

“They are the last living ‘children’ of our planet… Or, should we say, the last young vampires. As far back as they can remember, they have lived a life of eternal wonder among the ruins of humanity. But events of unprecedented brutality soon fracture the group, setting them on the path to a discovery that will shatter their innocence forever.”

Little Monsters and the Myth of the Ossuary (Bone Orchard) by Jeff Lemire scheduled for Urban Comics in April 2023 |