MagicLand, Halloween arrives with a ‘monstrous’ program

From 8 to 31 October there are many events that will transform the Park into a world of pumpkins and monsters, with thrilling attractions, music and parades

And while the first pumpkins are starting to appear and many shops are turning orange, the last preparations for Halloween are in full swing at MagicLand. The park is preparing to welcome the most monstrous party of the year with themed shows and “terrifying” initiatives, skeletons, vampires, zombies and witches are ready to enliven the days and nights of adults and children. From 8 to 31 October there are many events that will transform the Park into the world of pumpkins, with thrilling attractions, music and parades.

As in the best traditions, Gattobaleno, as landlord but completely masked on a theme, will open the dance by parading aboard the “Car Magic Halloween” accompanied by the ever-present assistants in the “witch” version. There are two areas set up for the little ones: in the picnic area there will be a path for all children, the Monster camp, where they will come face to face with witches and vampires who will entertain them by transforming them into real monsters. And the CalaveraLand, to embark on a journey through the colorful Mexican realm of the dead from which, between games and dances, to find the way out.

The initiatives


Halloween arrives at MagicLand, a “scary” program

Walking through the streets of the park it will be possible to meet The Bad Band, a musical band made up of 6 monstrous musicians who will involve all guests with musical animations to the rhythm of the soundtracks of the most terrifying films ever. Then, throughout the day, on the notes of a requiem, there will be the Funeral Parade: a hearse will wander around the avenues of the park escorted by zombies and by death itself. A Psyco Emergency version of an ambulance will transport patients who have escaped from a psychiatric hospital who will harass the public with captivating animation.

The more adventurous will be able to explore the Dungeons, the medieval prison, inhabited by the most dangerous assassins, unscrupulous manipulators and cunning serial killers. And yet the Haunted Hotel, free for the entire period, a real hotel invaded by zombies hungry for humans, who will chase the unfortunate guests. Demonia, the horror house haunted by macabre spirits. Anubis with new special effects, a path of horror in which to escape from the curse of the Mummy and its loyal servants.

Shows and special nights


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Even the shows will be in dark colors. Monsters and skeletons on stage at the Gran Teatro, with creepy scenic effects, dance and circus arts. And at the Music Hall, in the Old West area, witches, scarecrows and skeletons will be the only protagonists of the new show.

Three special nights are also scheduled: Saturday 29, Sunday 30 and Monday 31 October, for a long night party. In fact, the park and attractions will be available until 2 am! It starts with the Monster Party on the 29th animated by a horror version DJ set. It will then be the turn of the show case by Metempsicosi on the 30th and the grand finale on October 31st will be with the Halloween crazy party and the dj-set signed by Dj Andy.

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MagicLand, Halloween arrives with a ‘monstrous’ program