Manu Sánchez, Toñi Moreno and Teresa Martín present the Canal Sur New Year’s Eve gala, A por 2023

Let’s go by 2023‘ is the end of year gala what south channel broadcasts this December 31, from 9:20 say goodbye to 2022 and welcome the new year. Manu Sánchez, Toñi Moreno and Teresa Martín They will be in charge of presenting this space that will offer Andalusians humour, entertainment and music of all time.

Canal Sur’s New Year’s Eve will feature a grand gala before and after the grapes full of Musical performances and the best humor. The set of ‘We are music’ dresses up to receive the artists who will go through the stage of this ‘A por 2023’. Antonio José, Pastora Soler, Carlos Baute, José Mercé, Dangerous Liaisons, Medina Azahara, Andy & Lucas or El Kanka They will share their music with all Andalusians.

This special night will also celebrate the return of one of Canal Sur’s great formats, ‘Tierra de Talento’. Some of the protagonists of the talent will accompany the audience, such as the singer Pastora Soler, who will share his new single ‘Lo que siempre me callé’ live; the singer Jose Merce who will sing the song ‘Alegría’, included on his latest album; and the soprano Mariola Cantarerowhich will bring Andalusians closer to poetry with a version of ‘La vida es bella’.

the theater of alcalá Guadaíra banks is once again the stage for artists like antonio josewho will sing ‘Sin buscarte’; Carlos Baute who will perform the Christmas carol ‘Al niño Dios’, together with a children’s choir, and his song ‘Ni la mitad’; either the kankawhich will arrive with ‘New Year’s Resolutions’. merchwith his greatest hits, and Riki Rivera, with ‘All my people come with me’, they will make the audience dance in a night that will also feature the voice of Lorena Gómez, who will interpret ‘Me vuelvo a la vida’. she will also participate Paco Candela which, in turn, will join Andy&Lucas to interpret ‘In your window’. The people of Cádiz will also welcome the year singing another of their hits: ‘Son de amores’. Another of the Andalusian groups that will celebrate New Year’s Eve on Canal Sur will be the people of Cordoba’medina azahara‘, who will interpret ‘Your coldness’.

The move” will also be present in this special with songs like ‘And who do you belong to’ or ‘My name is not Manuel’ that will be brought to us by the ‘Bullfighters in flip-flops’a group led by Pepe Begines and Pablo CarbonelHe, vocalists of ‘Don’t step on me, I’m wearing flip flops’ and ‘Dead bullfighters’. Another of the leaders of one of the great bands of the 80s that will celebrate New Year’s Eve on Canal Sur will be Rafael Sanchezfrom ‘La Unión’, and will do so with ‘Lobo hombre en Sildavia’ and ‘Vampiros’.

the jerezano louis lara will be in charge of putting the touch of humor to this gala in which the Andalusians will witness reunions such as that of Dangerous friendshipswho celebrate their return after 20 years with the song ‘You do me so much good’ or the group ‘Las Niñas’, the Sevillanas who became known with their hit ‘Ojú’, who arrive with their recently released ‘Que sí, que not’.

Great copler voices like Joana Jiménez or Ana de Caro They will also go through the ‘A por 2023’ scenario. The Sevillian will offer a version of ‘En carne viva’ and the Huelva woman will do her own with her latest single: ‘I love you’.

The new generations of Andalusian artists They will not be lacking tonight either. the gaditanos Gonzalo Hermidawith their song ‘Que viva la vida’, and Lérica, the duo formed by Tony Mateo and Juan Carlos Arauzo, will premiere in 2023 singing ‘We are not crazy’; from Isla Cristina they will arrive antelopez with his ‘Vuécalo to ya’ and the woman from Algeciras Tatiana Delalvz he will share his ‘Olé’ with the Andalusians, the song with which he triumphs on the current music scene. the sevillana Nya of the Blonde and the Grenadian Barroso will unite their voices and talent in ‘Fuego’. The great promise of flamenco, the palatial Reyes Carrascowinner of the 3rd edition of ‘Tierra de Talento’, who will present ‘Estoy quiereno’ included in her first album, and Mary Earthquakebelonging to one of the great flamenco sagas from Jerez, who will surprise you singing ‘Listen’, an original song by Beyoncé.

Between acting and acting, ‘A por 2023’ will tour the eight Andalusian provinces through songs and messages that the artists themselves, who will go through the program, will dedicate to each one of them.

Manu Sánchez, Toñi Moreno and Teresa Martín present the Canal Sur New Year’s Eve gala, A por 2023