Marvel pauses its Blade movie (and it’s not necessarily very reassuring)

After losing its director, the film Blade with Mahershala Ali is forced to pause its production and delay its release date.

The Marvel Vampire Hunter Movie, Blade, is still in turmoil and that must not please its star actor, Mahershala Ali, who had revealed to resume the role in 2019, already. In addition to having undoubtedly had to constantly jostle his schedule for a hazardously diluted production, the Oscar-winning actor probably had to refuse other opportunities as well (if not more attractive) so that in the end the filming did not take place. this year 2022.

An Arlesian who is never a good sign and who is often the sign of major disagreements within the feature film teams. This is perhaps what caused the departure of Bassam Tariqa promising director who ultimately did not buy into Kevin Feige’s dream-busting machine. His departure just before the shooting of Blade will have had the effect of complicating the situation even more (predictably) and forced Marvel to revise its schedule so proudly organized, for pause its production and push back the release of the film for almost a year. And that’s not all, since, according to our own sources, filming was supposed to start last June, but has continued to be postponed (possibly explaining a little more the reasons for Tariq’s departure).

“One more year?”

In any case, in addition to the loss of its director, and according to an internal source of TheDirect, Blade could even use this break to completely revise its scenario. This was written by Stacy Osei-Kuffour (who had worked on the brilliant series watch men) and could be totally taken over by the screenwriter Beau DeMayo (to whom we owe episodes of The Witcher). Another indication that nothing is right in the world of vampires and that Mahershala Ali can definitely take his troubles patiently while the studios desperately search for a new director.

Taking into account all these latest mishaps, Marvel has decided to postpone the official release date of Blade from November 3, 2023 to September 6, 2024. Ten months later than the expected release. Almost three years will therefore separate the microscopic appearance of the vampire hunter in The Eternals and his solo film. A feature film which, we are sure, will live up to the (too) long wait and the few years of career that Mahershala Ali will have sacrificed on his altar (remember that before he embarked on this galley, the actor had appeared, in two years, in Green Book, Alita: Battle Angel, Spider-Man: Next Generation or even season 3 of True Detective).

Blade: Trinity: photo, Wesley SnipesThere’s still time to run away Blade!

Another consequence: considering that Blade has a role (major or not) to play in the infamous Multiverse Saga coming to the MCU, the issues facing its production suddenly take on a whole new dimension. With the impossibility of introducing the vampire hunter as soon as planned, that’s all Marvel holding its breath and finding itself having to reorganize. This is an interesting finding. In a cinematographic universe where all films (and series) are connected and therefore co-dependent on each other, what are the long-term risks of chaos generated by a single link in the chain?

If the sinking of a single boat sinks the entire fleet (or even shakes it up a little), the consequences could be interesting to observe and lead to an unprecedented situation for Kevin Feige to manage. Or simply push him to tighten the screws even more brutally on the artists who work for him.

Marvel pauses its Blade movie (and it’s not necessarily very reassuring)