Marvel: Will Blade be in the horror film Werewolf by Night?

Werewolf by Night opens a new part of the Marvel universe, that of horror, and could therefore bring together other heroes of this world, starting with Blade.

The MCU is constantly expanding, after being on Earth for a long time, it has explored the cosmic part of superheroes. From now on, it is the magical and metaphysical dimensions that are at the heart of Marvel. But another world, darker and more enigmatic, begins to loom from The Eternals and the voice cameo of Blade (played by Mahershala Ali): The Marvel of Horror.

With Werewolf by Night directed by Michael Giacchino, the MCU is giving itself the means to tackle a catalog of monstrous characters. The werewolf, played by Gael García Bernal (who is therefore called Werewolf by Night or simply Werewolf for friends in the comics), will lead the way and if desired Blade could take the opportunity to embed himself at the fair.

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Although Werewolf by Night and Blade move in the same world of nightmare creatures, the two characters have met very little despite having many friends and enemies in common. Their meeting takes place during the short event Midnight Massacre from 1993 when a Blade turned into a bloodthirsty monster by the Darkhold (the demonic book of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness) crosses paths with Werewolf by Night and kills him. We are therefore on a good first impression. But nothing is final in the comics, and the bushy hero is resurrected in the arc’s finale thanks to the Darkhold.

Werewolf by Night and Blade will be part of the same teams at different periods. Blade is a recurring member of the Midnight Sons, heroes battling supernatural forces. Werewolf by Night will join the team in 2009 in Marvel Zombies #4formation in which Blade is not.

Steroids and big guns

However, a strong bond unites the two heroes of the night: their hatred of Dracula. The vampire lord is indeed the main antagonist of Blade, but also of Werewolf by Night who has faced him on several occasions since the 70s. This legendary villain would make a good excuse to bring the characters together in the same MCU project, in addition to pushing the idea ofa Marvel of monsters walking on the flowerbeds of the Hammer films – a production company from the 50s and 70s with a catalog made up of Frankeinstein, Dracula, Dr Jekyll and other creatures of horror cinema.

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With the trailer of Werewolf by Nightwe already notice several characters from this strange world. We see during a Man-Thing shot, a man who became a monster after Theodore Sallis administered himself a super soldier serum and accidentally took a bath in a cursed swamp. He started in Marvel comics in 1971 in Savage Tales #1 (Swamp-Thing is its equivalent at DC Comics). Another character in the cast of the Disney + film, Elsa Bloodstone (Laura Donnelly), which can be summarized as a cross between Van Hesling and the Punisher with the warrior charisma of Red Sonjaand which starts in Bloodstone #1 in 2001.

These two new MCU figures are unlikely to stay in their corners when a Moon Knight, a Werewolf by Night and a Blade are already wandering around the Marvel universe. In fact, everything this beautiful creature-slaying world should logically form the Midnight Sons, of which each has been a part once, or the Legion of Monsters, of which only Blade is not a member. All that’s missing for the moment is Ghost Rider on the call for complete the horror avengers gang.

Werewolf by Night: PhotoA Man-Thing deceives enormously

Werewolf by Night is already akin to a Marvel Freakshow in which the vampire hunter would be at ease. And if he doesn’t have an important role, we can at least expect to see him make a Nick Fury-style final cameo at the beginnings of the MCU in order to compose a group of anti-heroes, something he has already started in The Eternals approaching Dane Whitman/Black Knight (Kit Harington). Moon Knight, whose entry into the Marvel universe was made with Werewolf by Night #32could also be a guest of the horror film produced by Disney and Marvel.

Blade therefore has every reason to drop by to say hello in Werewolf by Nightwhich would make Mahershala Ali’s first appearance as Dracula’s rival, and solidify the hypothesis of one day seeing a league of monster hunters in the MCU. Season 2 of Moon Knight could also develop this horrific universethe vigilante with multiple personalities being accustomed to breaking the jaws of nocturnal creatures in the comics.

Marvel: Will Blade be in the horror film Werewolf by Night?