Medium, vampire and other monsters in Midnight, Texas TV fantasy

The genus of the urban fantasy – where magical creatures coexist in a contemporary context – has always been successful in literary sagas addressed to the youngest. However, he found a way to get out of these canons, re-inventing himself and giving the genre ease to explore new horizons. Thanks to the spread of films and TV series about vampires, werewolves and other monsters that urban fantasy has found new life. On the genre we can mention Buffy, the vampire slayer, the Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf and many others. On the subject it is legitimate to open a parenthesis on the phenomenon of Midnight, Texasthe 2017 American series that is available in Italy since October for subscribers of Amazon Prime Video.

An intriguing but – substantially – imperfect series, the victim of a powerful but not always exploited plot that, due to discontinuous programming, did not find success in the United States so much that it was canceled after two seasons. Yet despite this, Midnight, Texas today it is the only series of its kind that tells the world of the creatures of the bad and of the night with a firm and decisive attitude. Inspired by a literary saga of the same name, that’s why the series deserves to be seen (or reviewed) with a less critical eye.

In Texas, there is a city where nothing is what it seems

The world of humans and that of otherworldly creatures cannot coexist. It’s a fact. For this reason there is a city, well hidden from all, located in the heart of Texas, where “extraordinary” beings can live in peace. But this very tranquility is broken the moment Mandred (Francois Arnaud) arrives at Midnight. He’s a medium who has the ability to see the spirits of dead people. On the advice of her mother, she escapes and takes refuge in the small Texas town where she discovers that wizards, vampires and fallen angels they can live together in a semi-parity regime. Aware of having extraordinary powers, each of the residents tries to live a life as peaceful as possible. Yet, the arrival of the young medium breaks the precarious balance of the city of Midnight. Cause force majeure, a power ancient and fatal awakens after a long sleep and now, Manfred and all the inhabitants will have to join forces to avert a huge catastrophe.

A series that redefines the concept of “diversity”

In addition to entertainment, there is more. The merit of Midnight, Texas it is just that. It does not escape the mechanisms of a fantasy novel, which among other things have been diluted very well in the narrative. In fact, he manages to put together an intriguing, captivating and slightly over the top story about a group of outcasts from the modern society trying to find a balance in a world populated by magic and superstition. It is clear and precise that the series wants to be an ode to the “different” and to all those people who, due to force majeure, are forced to hide. As I said, in addition to pure entertainment, the show also combines an excellent food for thought on today’s society, still closed in on itself and ready to judge its fellow men. This is not about diversity of sexual tastes or anything else. On the contrary, Midnight, Texas it redefines the very concept of diversity, focusing attention on those people who escape from their problems only in order not to harm others. When, on the other hand, in the end it is precisely the “different” who find themselves fighting to save the world from destruction.

In the cast the former star of the Borgia

A series with a great cast and very famous for lovers of TV series. The protagonist, for example, played by Francois Arnaud, an actor originally from Canada, before appearing in Midnight, Texas took part in the series about the life of Borgia where for three seasons he was Cardinal Cesare Borgia, son of the Pope and weaver of deceptions and overwhelming passions. It’s not all. It was also seen in Xavier Dolan’s first film and in season 4 (the last) of UnRealthe series that makes satire on the world of Reality show. Here is a medium who escapes danger and hopes to find a new beginning in the small town of Texas. Jason Lewis also appears in the cast, known for being the love of Samantha Jones in the last two seasons of Sex & The City.

Why see the TV series?

Dedicated purely to fans of the Fantasy, the show is still a good product even for those who do not “chew” the genre. It is an intelligent series, full of action and superstitions but it falls a bit into the rhythm of the story which, as the episodes pass, cannot keep up. However, it is a series that deserves to be seen to discover all the facets of a drama where magic is the undisputed protagonist.

But… no third season

Although there were good intentions on the part of the network to make a third and final season, the unrewarding ratings and high production costs did not allow the show to survive. Without a worthy ending, the series was canceled at the end of season two just as the story got underway and found a way to respond to its own. critical issues. The appeals of the fans were useless.

The eponymous literary saga before the TV series

Original product but strongly linked to a very successful literary saga. The series, in fact, is inspired by “Midnight, Texas”, a trilogy written by Charlaine Harris. In Italy, unfortunately, only the first novel arrived in bookstores. In the States, however, the saga is complete and over. It had a good success with the public because it bears the signature of one of the most popular authors in the fantasy field thanks to the saga of True Bloodconsisting of 13 books, which in turn inspired a long-running TV series. Midnight, Texas retains the spirit of novel, and it doesn’t take many licenses, but the series doesn’t have the same charm and visual power compared to the book. Despite the cancellation, the author still enjoys good success, so much so as to win the primacy of queen of “fantasy / romance”.

Medium, vampire and other monsters in Midnight, Texas TV fantasy