Merlina: the dark Netflix series starring the daughter of the Addams

The famous series from the 1960s and two films from the 1990s made the Addams one of the most recognizable families on screen. A position that comes to reaffirm merlin.

the space of Netflix focused on the eldest daughter of the family group created for the cartoon by Charles Addamswho immediately captured the attention of readers with his unique and macabre way of life.

Where his gloomy mansion was the scene of the passionate relationship between Homer (Gomez in the original) and his wife Morticia, and Merlina’s (Wednesday) attempts to kill her brother Pericles (Pugsley).

Merlin | Netflix

Nevertheless, the commitment to streaming puts its focus on the smallknown for her braids and her taste for guillotining her dolls, and her difficult passage through adolescence and a new high school.

What is known throughout eight chapterswhere suspense meets comedy and the complications that the transition from childhood to adulthood brings, whose creatives include Tim Burton.

The filmmaker behind titles as unforgettable and dark as The young scissorhands Y the corpse of the bridewhat is linked to the project since the 90swhen he would be the director of a tape about the Addams.

Merlina joins the Nunca Más Academy

Merlin | Netflix

Something that never materialized, but led him to the series as one of its ideologues in the company of Alfred Gough and Miles Miller -who are listed as showrunners-, in the role of executive producer.

In addition to directing its first four broadcasts, which begin with the gothic and impassive Merlina (a perfect Jenna Ortega) as Nancy Reagan High School student.

From which she is expelled after defending her brother putting piranhas in the pool of the establishmentat the same time that those responsible for the mistreatment of Pericles were in the water.

Merlin | Netflix

To which Homer (Luis Guzmán) and Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) decide that the The best place for Merlina to finish her higher education is the Nunca Más Academyalma mater of the couple.

An exclusive boarding school for all the excluded, including werewolves, mermaids, gorgons, and vampires, run by a former student and former classmate of Morticia, Larissa Weems (Gwendoline Christie).

A murderer prowls the boarding school

Merlin | Netflix

The one that takes her to room that he will share with the colorful and positive Enid Sinclair (Emma Myers)a werewolf girl who has not yet managed to be completely werewolf, who will be key in what is to come.

Since the protagonist will try to adapt -or flee- from the school while attending therapy sessions with Dr. Kinbott (Riki Lindhome), in addition to solve the mystery surrounding a monstrous murderer.

Merlin | Netflix

which already has claimed the lives of several “normis” or normals in the nearby forestand kills one of the students in front of Merlina, causing her to start trying to find out who or what it is.

What he does with the help of Fingers, the hand with its own life, at the same time that face a love triangleShe tries to run away from the friendship that stalks her and deals with the bad relationship with her mother.

In a particular and very entertaining seriessort of a mix between Harry Potter with Sabrina’s hidden worldwhich reaches its best moments when the protagonist displays her gothic personality.

What happens thanks to the work of Jenna Ortega, who endows his Merlina with a gloomy charmwith precise timing for both comedy and suspense, and the outstanding setting of space.

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Merlina: the dark Netflix series starring the daughter of the Addams