Mexican horror movies that will give you a good scare

Horror has been part of national cinema since its inception and here you will find the best Mexican films of the genre.

Evil familiars, lecturing spirits, vampires, skeletons, witches, and possessions are also part of the mexican cinema. Although it is highly criticized, the national seventh art has also produced good films of these genres. For sample, here we recommend some mexican horror movies that can fascinate you.

Aunt Alexandra

There is no other Mexican movie like this. Directed by Arthur Ripsteinthe film shows us that behind the generosity and her harmless appearance, a woman hides something very threatening, dark and vengeful.

Witchcraft, the occult and death are installed in the house with the Aunt Alexandra, who through strange rituals, black magic, gloomy puppets –and a lot of manipulation– destroys anyone who displeases him or stands in his way, regardless of whether they are from his own family. It is a true affront to the typical Mexican cinema, full of tender or religious old women, with united families and happy endings. In this film there is no room for any of these things.

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the scapular

Terror was also present in the golden age of Mexican cinema. In the scapular, an old woman about to die confesses to a priest the powers of a strange scapular that has the power to protect the life of whoever wears it. Thus, the woman tells the story of two of her four children, who carried the mysterious religious object that grants blessings… but also curses and dark secretsyes Filmed in black and white, with disturbing images and many elements of ghost legends, it is without a doubt one of the best Mexican horror films.

The skeleton of Mrs. Morales

It is not exactly a horror film, it is more of a work full of black humor –and a lot of misogyny– with macabre overtones. It stars Pablo Morales, a cheerful taxidermist, and Gloria, his beautiful but bitter, ailing and fanatical wife, who is also self-conscious about a knee defect. Both live in a gloomy environment and in a dysfunctional relationship, in which the woman is seen as a “necessary evil”, someone who ruins all the fun, the pleasures -of all kinds-. The situation escalates and includes more than one poisoning, a crime, strong criticism of religion, double standards and lots of laughs.

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The Vampire

Hollywood had Bela Lugosi and Mexico had German Robles. In this version, the famous count moves to the Los Sicomoros hacienda, in the Mexican Sierra Negra, to which the young Marta travels to take care of her sick aunt, who since her arrival at the place, notices the fear of the locals, who they refuse to move her at night. Marta continues the journey in a cart sent to collect a mysterious box sent from Hungary. Soon the protagonist discovers that her aunt has passed away and she decides to stay in the dark place, not suspecting that her life and her soul are in danger, and at the mercy of the vampires that haunt the place.

Alucarda, the daughter of darkness

Based on the play Carmillaof Sheridan LeFanu, the film takes place in a convent that serves as an orphanage. Alucarda, a fifteen-year-old orphan, has lived there all her life. Everything changes when Justine, another orphan of a similar age, arrives at the convent. She and Alucarda have a strong friendship, which quickly turns into sexual attraction and desire. From that encounter, all kinds of sins occur in the convent: vampirism, orgies and diabolical pacts will forever transform the lives of the young women.

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Poison for the Fairies

Two very different girls become friends: Veronica is an orphan who lives with her grandmother and her nanny, who constantly tells her disturbing stories about witches. Instead of being scared, Veronica is fascinated by her stories, to the point of believing herself to be a witch. On her part, Flavia, is the shy new student and, although Verónica envies her, she becomes her friend. Through a series of coincidences, Flavia begins to believe that her friend is a powerful witch, to the point of giving her her most precious possessions and obeying her in everything. However, she will soon tire of it and figure out how to get rid of the evil witch forever.

the ghost of the convent

Filmed in 1934, is considered the pioneer of all Mexican horror films. The marriage formed by Cristina and Eduardo, get lost in the forest at nightfall, they are also accompanied by Alfonso, her friend. A mysterious monk offers them refuge in the old and mysterious monastery of the Order of Silence, Eduardo is afraid to enter the building, but Cristina and Alfonso —who have an extramarital relationship— convince him to spend the night there, only to discover the price of the betrayal, infidelity, satanic pacts and everything that happens when the world of the living and the world of the dead are confused.

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Chronos Invention

William of the Bull It is a benchmark of international horror cinema, but before conquering the world and Netflix, it began with this story in which an old relic of a 16th century alchemist gives the opportunity to achieve eternal life. The object reaches the hands of Jesús Gris, an old antiques dealer who finds it inside one of his statues and discovers that it has an insect inside it, which bites him, causing him to feel young again, but also with an uncontrollable anxiety. thirst for blood The object is also highly coveted by Dieter de la Guardia, a cancer patient who seeks the invention of cronos, to cheat death and alleviate his ills.

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Satanic Pandemonium (La Sexorcista)

Demonic seduction, a strong erotic charge and an even stronger dose of anti-Catholicism consecrated this film, a precedent of alucarda. It was directed in 1975 by Gilberto Martinez Solares. In it, an innocent nun is possessed by the devil, embodied in the then sensual Enrique Rocha. Although it is not easy for him to deceive Sister Maria; once she succeeds the consequences are fatal. The nun reveals her dark, sexual and tortured nature that will cause terror, misfortune and death. Its content caused great scandal after its premiere. For this reason, it remained relegated for many years. It is currently considered as part of the cult cinema, and one of the most important Mexican horror films.


With a plot that reminds us of the paranoia of rosemary’s baby, it all begins when Dolores hears a murder, which fuels her fears and her desire to get out of her seclusion. Her husband tries to calm her down, but her attitude is more and more suspicious and phrases that she mutters while sleeping give him away. Another neighbor, the strange Madame Endor, warns Dolores that she is in danger, and her concerns are confirmed by her psychiatrist. Dolores begins to believe that the disturbing events that happen around her are the work of the Devil and she will soon discover that although no one believes her, she is not wrong.

Mexican horror movies that will give you a good scare