Mr Harrigan’s Phone: A must

October 2022 is going to be horrific on Netflix, especially with the release of Mr. Harrigan’s Phone. A short story written by Stephen King.

You are a fan of horror films and everything that freaks out? Or would you be an undeniable fan of Stephen King, indisputable king of horror literature? An excellent horror movie is coming out on Netflix in October 2022. Entitled Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, it is a film adaptation of one of Stephen King’s short stories. With a good stomach-churning story, this film is a must-see.

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone: what is it about?

The film Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is a film adaptation of the eponymous short story published in the collection If It Bleedspublished in 2020.

The story is about a young boy, Craig, living with his parents in a small town in America. There, Craig meets a billionaire old man who is also a book lover as much as he is. The two communicate by telephone and often share their passion for literature. Unfortunately, friendship must be cut short, since the old man dies and is buried with his phone. However, strangely enough, the young man continues to receive calls from the deceased old man. He can also leave messages to which the buried billionaire responds as if nothing had happened.

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Mr. Harrigan’s Phone: cast and production

The horror thriller Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is produced by ryan murphyfamous for creating American Horror Story. The film is directed by John Lee Hancock, who is also known for his work on The Blind Side.

In the casting, you will find Jaeden Martell in the role of Craig. As for Mr. Harrigan, he is played by Donald Sutherland. The latter has already played in Hunger Games.

The best horror movies to watch on Netflix in the meantime

Until Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is available on October 5, 2022 on France Netflixmany horror films are already available and are a hit around the world.


You can follow the latest, Day Shift. It features Jamie Foxx who, to provide a good life for his family, hunts down vampires in an international hunting syndicate. Snoop Dogg also plays it.

The ritual

Released in 2017, this is a short must see horror movie. Four friends meet after their friend’s death to hike through the forest. Unfortunately, a bad road leads them into the dark forests of the North. They then fall prey to a millennial evil.

don’t breathe

It’s the story of Rocky who tries to escape the violence of his mother and to offer a bright future to his sister. But without work, Rocky can only indulge in theft. Small burglaries which unfortunately are not enough for him and his sister to leave Detroit. However, he tries to pull off an ultimate coup with his two friends by robbing a house inhabited by a blind man. Error, things are entirely different from what the rumors have announced.

Conjuring: The Warren Files

It remains to this day best horror movie on netflix. The story takes place in 1971 and features the couple ofEd and Lorraine Warren. The two paranormal investigators should come to the aid of a family frightened by the presence of an unknown thing. But the case will be more complicated since the investigators will have to fight against a demonic creature. Beware, if you are sensitive!

Mr Harrigan’s Phone: A must-see horror film on Netflix