My Father’s Secret Top Crime movie

A young lawyer learns of hidden secrets in her father’s life.

Top Crime proposes the film entitled My father’s secret. It is a thriller genre product with dramatic atmospheres.

The production is of the United States of Americathe year of realization is 2016 and the duration is one hour and 34 minutes.

The secret of my father film – direction, protagonists, where it is shot

The direction is by RD Braunstein. Main protagonists are Carrie Evans And Steven Riggs interpreted respectively by Willa Ford And Tilky Jones. Also in the cast Daniel Hugh Kelly in the role of Caswell Foxx.

Filming took place in Canadain particular a Vancouver and neighboring areas in the territory of the British Columbia.

The production is of the 12 Helpful Hands Productions in collaboration with Daro Film Distribution And Nasser Entertainment.

The film is known internationally with the title A Father’s Secret.

My Father's Secret movie where it is shot

My father’s secret – plot of the film aired on Top Crime

The plot has as its protagonist Carrie Evans a promising young lawyer who hopes to become a partner in her boyfriend’s law firm Steven Riggs.

The firm is dealing with a news story that made a great impression on the media, one of those crimes that, precisely because of the vast echo of controversy it aroused, would allow it to turn towards the great advocacy.

While she is busy working on this case, she uncovers some burning secrets concerning her father and partner Caswell Foxxthe latter candidate as Senator.

Carrie Evans she is shocked to learn all the secrets that have involved her parent in the past and that she had never known about.

A reality that puts her in serious embarrassment because at this point she is at a turning point in her life and not just in her career. In fact, she will have to decide whether to pretend she never knew anything or whether to risk her career, her freedom and above all her professionalism to discover what lies behind the secret of her father.

Final spoiler

In fact, the young lawyer has dug into her parent’s past by becoming involved in a family drama that has spanned many years and which could now prove explosive if the truth were learned.

My father's secret final movie

My father’s secret: the full cast

Below is the cast of the film My father’s secret and the respective characters played by the actors

  • Willa Ford: Carrie Evans
  • Tilky Jones: Steven Riggs
  • Daniel Hugh Kelly: Caswell Foxx
  • Joseph Nasser: Greg Giorna
  • Arthur Roberts: Damon Evans
  • Aidan Bristow: Scott Giorna
  • Canyon Prince: Curtis Wheelwright
  • Richard Riehle: Ian Stone
  • Patrick MJ Finerty: Joe Horton
  • Dave Parke: Fred
  • David Violi: Victor
  • Pamela Roylance: Jacqueline
  • Malynda Hale: Detective
  • Nicola Lambo: TV host
  • Jeff Faehnle: Isaac Richmond
  • Hiram A. Murray: Mysterious man

My Father’s Secret Top Crime movie – plot, cast, finale