Naomi Watts: 7 movies to see after “The Watcher” | TV Smiles and Songs

We retrace the career of the Australian actress, from the cult horror “The Ring” to films with great authors and co-stars

Naomi Watts in a scene from “The Watcher” Credit: © Eric Liebowitz/Netflix

November 2, 2022 at 10:35 am

British from Kent County, naturalized Australian, born in 1968, she has two Academy Award nominations to her credit (in 2004 for “21 grams” and in 2013 for “The Impossible”) and almost a hundred jobs as an actress including feature films, series TV, music videos, TV movies and dubbing. In “The WatcherNaomi Watts collaborates for the second time with Netflix, after the drama “The Gypsy”.

In the thriller miniseries based on a true story, Watts plays Nora Braddock, who has just moved in with her husband (Bobby Cannavale) to their dream home in an uptown New Jersey neighborhood, which soon turns into a creepy mess when the couple starts coming haunted by the mysterious “watcher” of the title. The series is only the latest of the actress’ thrilling (in every sense) foray: below, a selection of some of her best performances, from 2002 to today.

Movies and TV series with naomi Watts

  • “The ring” – Paramount+ and Netflix
  • “King Kong” – RaiPlay and Netflix
  • “The Painted Veil” – Now and Prime Video
  • “Eastern Promises” – Now
  • “Dream house” – Netflix
  • “Penguin Bloom” – Now
  • “Goodnight mommy” – Prime Video

Naomi Watts: 7 movies to see after “The Watcher” | TV Smiles and Songs