Netflix: 5 vampire movies to watch on the platform

They have long teeth and pale complexions and love blood… From the origins of Dracula to the friendly monsters of Hotel Transylvania, here are 5 vampire movies to watch on Netflix.

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With Dark Shadows, Tim Burton adapts the homonymous series broadcast between 1966 and 1971 on the American channel ABC on the big screen. This cult series across the Atlantic has never been broadcast in France. French viewers therefore discovered Barnabas Collins when the film was released in theaters in 2012. It is Johnny Depp, the filmmaker’s favorite actor (this is their 8th collaboration) who plays the role of the vampire transformed by the terrible witch Angélique Bouchard, played by the French Eva Green (whom the director will find 4 years later in Miss Peregrine and in 2017 in his live rereading of the Disney film, Dumbo). Like Tim Burton, Johnny Depp is a big fan of the series and wanted to play the vampire Barnabas for many years. With its disco colors and soundtrack and its 4-star cast (Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter, Chloë Grace Moretz…), Dark Shadows is a little gem of black humor that blends perfectly into the Burtonian universe.


Released in theaters in 2014, Dracula Untold looks back on the rise of the famous Count Dracula. Transylvania, 1492. Prince Vlad III of Wallachia (Luke Evans) has signed a peace agreement with the Ottoman Empire, but when Sultan Mehmet II (Dominic Cooper) wants to send 1000 young people, including the Prince’s young son, to the war. Vlad will then call on a dark creature to fight the Turks. Created in 1897 by Bram Stoker, the mythical character has been embodied – more or less faithfully – on many occasions on the big and small screen (Gary Oldman, Christopher Lee, Frank Langella, Jonathan Rhys Meyer and more recently Claes Bang… ). In order to stand out from the many films about the character, the screenwriters of Dracula Untold chose to draw inspiration from Bram Stoker’s novel on the one hand, but also to direct the story to the real origins of Vlad III said “the ‘Impaler’, which date back to the 14th century. We therefore find in Gary Shore’s film historical elements such as the threat of the Ottoman Empire or the conflict with Mehmet and the Turks. An action film packed with special effects and spectacular battles that will teach you a little more about the history of Transylvania.


Directed by Anna Foerster and still produced by Len Wiseman, Underworld: Blood Wars is the fifth and final installment in the saga that began in 2003. In this opus – shot entirely in Prague – Selene (still played by Kate Beckinsale) fights against lycan and vampire clans who betrayed her. With her only allies, David (Theo James) and her father Thomas (Charles Dance), she must put an end to the eternal war between the two clans, even if that means for her to make the ultimate sacrifice… We discover a new community of vampires who live in peace in the middle of frozen mountains: the Nordic Coven. The latter have the ability to travel to mystical worlds in order to increase their strength tenfold. Convenient ! An action film packed with visual effects in line with the previous installments of the saga…

PRIEST (2011)

Released in 2011, Priest is set in a world ravaged by centuries of war between men and vampires. A warrior priest – played by Paul Bettany – turns against the church in order to hunt down the band of murderous vampires who kidnapped his niece. A role for which Paul Bettany trained hard for 9 months. This dystopia halfway between science fiction and horror is adapted from the 16-volume comic book by Korean author and cartoonist Min-Woo Hyung. The director Scott Stewart nevertheless chose to situate the action of his film in the future while the comic takes place in the past. The film reinvents the myth of the vampire. These are parked here in underground hives and their bites do not transform humans into vampires but into familiars, starving and livid creatures who are entirely subject to the goodwill of the vampires. An action movie in the tradition of Daybreakers.


Change of registry with Hotel Transylvania! We stay in the vampire movie but this time, they make us laugh. Sony Pictures Animation revisits the myth of Dracula by making it funny and endearing. In Genndy Tartakovsky’s feature film, the famous vampire runs a hotel for monsters (including Frankenstein). The latter can rest there without being disturbed by humans. But everything will change the day a young man arrives at the hotel… This animated film plays on the codes of horror cinema without ever being scary and is full of references that fans of vampire films will appreciate. A real success when it was released in theaters (the film totaled $358.4 million at the international box office), the feature film already has 2 sequels and a 4th part is currently in preparation.


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Netflix: 5 vampire movies to watch on the platform