Netflix announces bad news about the changes in the series The Vampire Diaries

Although The Vampire Diaries series ended in 2017, the vampire drama is available on the Netflix platform. Although it seems that it will be for a short time, this has been confirmed by the streaming giant.

The long-running supernatural drama, which originally aired on network television The CW from 2009 to 2017, The Vampire Diaries, is no longer issued. The series was a huge success that kept all the viewers excited for its eight seasons. Even though several cast members were leaving the show as Nina Dobrev, the producers managed to keep it afloat and even created two spin-offs The Originals and Legacies. In fact, the platform Netflix he had the program in his library, but after some bad deals he seems to be retiring.

Netflix announces that it will remove the series The Vampire Diaries from its library

The Vampire Diaries was first brought into Netflix in 2011 as part of a production deal between Netflix Y The CW, by which the complete seasons of the network series would be available on the server eight days after the season ended. However, in 2019, The CW’s parent companies, WarnerMedia and ViacomCBS, decided not to renew the agreement and keep the original series for the streaming services in hbo max Y Paramountyou+.

According to information revealed by the What’s on Netflix website, the terms of the production agreement stipulated that any The CW series licensed to Netflix would remain exclusive to Netflix for five years after its final season was added to the service. Which means that the transition from The Vampire Diaries to HBO’s Max (and Peacock) channel comes just over five years after the series ended in 2017.

At press time, the spin-offs of The Vampire Diaries What TheOriginals (which ran for five seasons and ended in 2018) and Legacy (which ran for four seasons and ended in 2022) will still be available on Netflix for a short time. But they will likely move to HBO Max in 2023 and 2027.

Where can The Vampire Diaries series be seen outside of Netflix?

Now, the platform change for one of The CW’s most popular series could be a huge blow to fans who used to enjoy DTV on Netflix. Which could lead to a large drop in audience for the series because many viewers will have to purchase the services of HBO Max and Paramount + to continue enjoying this incredible story.

The Serie The Vampire Diaries, created by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec and adapted from the book series of the same name by LJ Smith, stars Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Stephen R. McQueen, Sarah Canning, Kat Graham, Candice King, Zach Roerig , Kayla Ewell, Michael Trevino, Matt Davies, Joseph Morgan and Michael Malarkey. Although each of the cast members has completely withdrawn from this dramatic universe, some continue to do interviews and reveal details that happened behind the scenes.

Netflix announces bad news about the changes in the series The Vampire Diaries