Netflix announces the filming of several Brazilian films and series, including four new titles

São Paulo (Brazil), September 5, 2022 — Brazilian subscribers are spending more time than ever watching Brazilian titles on Netflix in 2022 and can rejoice as more new releases are planned. By the end of the year, many of their favorite Brazilian titles will go into production, including movies, series, reality shows and stand-up shows. The filming of these new seasons and unreleased titles will take place in five Brazilian states, from Amazonas to Paraná.

These productions reinforce Netflix’s commitment to the Brazilian audiovisual industry as part of a more than seven-year partnership that began in 2015 with the country. “We want to set up an effective collaborative environment for our creative and production partners so that they are in the best conditions to deliver great stories to our subscribers. If the audiovisual landscape has evolved since the beginning of our collaboration, some things have not changed: this is particularly the case with our commitment to the Brazilian creative community. Brazil is an essential part of our strategy,” explains Elisabetta Zenatti, vice president in charge of Brazilian content at Netflix.

Among the new titles announced are DNA do Crime, a detective series directed by Heitor Dhalia, renowned filmmaker from Pernambuco. The story follows the complicated work of federal police officers whose extraordinary investigation will lead them to trace the thread of the organization of crime in the country. A series produced by Paranoid Filmes.

On the side of comedy, Leandro Hassum is essential, and when you love, you don’t count! His fans will be able to benefit twice from their favorite comic actor with two new titles produced by Camisa Listrada: in BOhis first Netflix series, and in a movie, Meu Cunhado é um Vampiro. Directed by Pedro Amorim on a screenplay overseen by Carol Garcia, the series BO takes place in a police station in Rio de Janeiro where the clumsy Suzano (Leandro Hassum), fresh from the provinces after a promotion, has just been appointed chief. As for the film, directed by Alê McHaddo from a screenplay by Paulo Cursino, it follows Fernandinho (Leandro Hassum), a father, podcast host and ex-footballer, surprised by the untimely visit of his brother-in-law Gregório (Rômulo Arantes Neto) who he discovers is a lazy profiteer, a real leech, and downright a vampire!

Always on the laughter side, filming the original Whindersson Nunes show, Whindersson Nunes: Isso não é um culto just ended in Porto, Portugal. The comedian filmed on stage delivers here a show full of nostalgia and daring.

Netflix also gave the first turn of the crank of a fictional mini-series inspired by the tragedy of the Candelária massacre. This title mixing realism, fantasy and afrofuturism tells the point of view of four children on what they lived during the 36 hours which preceded the drama. Each episode is interpreted by famous Brazilian actors such as Antônio Pitanga and Péricles whose first scenes are already in the box. Adriano Garib, Juliana Lohmann, Leandro Firmino, Maria Bopp, Stepan Nercessian, among others, are also part of the distribution. Directed by Márcia Faria and Luis Lomenha, also showrunner and executive producer, the series is produced by Kromaki and Jabuti Studio.

In addition, Netflix continues to bet on several successful local projects, including: the sequel to the film Ricos de Amorseason 4 of Sintoniaseason 2 of Twice 15 yearsseason 2 of the sitcom Your mother embeds itas well as season 2 of the reality show Love Is Blind: Brazil.

In addition to these productions, Netflix is ​​investing five million reals in 2022 in development programs for professionalizing sectors within the Brazilian audiovisual sector. This approach is part of the investment in local industry that the company has been pursuing since its very first production in Brazil. These projects aim to encourage collaboration to develop and improve the local talent network. They also aim to promote stories that showcase diversity and inclusion. This involves approaching, identifying and training professionals from historically under-represented groups. As part of this strategy, Netflix is ​​launching a new initiative, “Segundo Ato“, in order to promote the employment of black and indigenous screenwriters in Brazilian audiovisual.

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Netflix announces the filming of several Brazilian films and series, including four new titles