Netflix cancels First Kill after just one season

Much to the disappointment of the fans and not a few controversies, the Netflix streaming platform suddenly decided to cancel the TV series First Kill after only one season and despite the fairly good results in terms of ratings.

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Netflix has announced an unexpected decision regarding the TV series First Kill, currently present on the platform with only one season. Although the audience numbers were not negative, the streaming platform has decided to do not continue with further seasons e cancel the tv seriesnot without great regret of the fans and some controversy.

First Kill, Netflix’s decision

Released on 10 June 2022 and consisting of 8 episodes, the series First Kill was produced by Emma Roberts, with great experience in TV series with horror and thriller componentsstarting from American Horror Story And Scream Queens. However, despite the positive numbers and the entry in the top 10 of English-language TV seriesthe company has assessed the result achieved as insufficient, considering the relationship between costs and views of the episodes of season one to be unfavorable. In fact, it seems that the costs of the series do not allow to support the production yet, due, apparently, to a significant drop in percentages after only seven days from the day of the release. Hence, the decision to cancel the next seasons and close the project.

First Kill, the plot


First Kill, everything you need to know about the Netflix TV series

Yet the ingredients for a successful TV series seemed to be all there. A teenage vampire named Juliette has reached the age where she must be her first victim. As designated, she chooses a new girl who has arrived in town, Calliope, who soon reveals herself as a vampire hunter. Not only will it be difficult for both of them to kill her rival, but she risks developing new feelings. The story had been developed adapting the bestseller of the New York Times by Victoria Elizabeth Schwab, executive producer along with Emma Roberts, Karah Preiss, Jet Wilkinson and Felicia D. Henderson.

First Kill, the controversy over the cancellation


The best vampire tv series

Even if the hypothesis seems to reside in audience results considered insufficient compared to production costs, there was no lack of controversy. Many are the disappointed fans, who have in fact accused Netflix of “lesbophobia.” Numerous messages on social media, which have asked Netflix to rethink the decision and who have hurled against the cancellation of the series. The hashtags #FirstKill and #RenewFirstKill became trending on Twitter in just a few hours. And for the fans, First Kill it would be just one of the many TV series, which streaming platforms are choosing to cancel in the last period. All would have the presence of homosexual protagonists, from The Wilds to Gentleman Jack passing through Motherland: Fort Salem. On the other hand, it’s also possible that the vampire genre on the small screen is simply starting to attract fewer audiences than in the past. After successes like Twilight, Buffy And The Vampire Diaries, maybe it’s time to change the subject.

Netflix cancels First Kill after just one season