Netflix: here are the 10 most popular films of 2022 and there are surprises!

The twelve months of the year have already passed. To accompany its subscribers over the four seasons, Netflix has unveiled various colorful and emotional productions. Now it’s time to take stock. The streaming platform has unveiled the ranking of the most popular films released in 2022 with viewers. The company at N rouge took care to separate the projects into two categories: English-language feature films and non-English language projects. Here is to start which English films, listed in progressive order, make up the top 10 Netflix of the year 2022.

Netflix’s Most Popular English Movies of 2022

10 – Day-Shift

Day-Shiftthe vampire film with Jamie Foxx and Snoop Dog takes 10th place after staying 4 long weeks in the top Netflix. As a reminder, it follows a working father who, alongside his real source of income, hunts vampires within an international hunters’ union.

9 – The Man From Toronto

After spending 6 weeks in the world top 10, The Man From Toronto with Woody Harrelson and Kevin Hart comes 9th in the standings. It’s a slapstick comedy between an average man who finds himself bumbling to collaborate with a notorious assassin nicknamed “the man from Toronto”, in the faint hope of saving his own skin.

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8 – Senior Year

Senior Year lands 8th place in the ranking of the most popular films of 2022 with 6 weeks spent in the top but more views than The Man From Toronto. The comedy follows a cheerleader who wakes up from a 20-year coma and decides to return to high school in an attempt to regain her status and win the prom queen crown that eluded her.

7 – Enola Holmes 2

When we put Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill as a duo, it’s always the perfect match. The sequel to the first installment pleased Netflix subscribers just as much, if not more, which is why Enola Holmes 2 takes 7th place in the standings. The thriller has accumulated 158,030,000 viewing hours between October 30 and November 27, 2022.

6 – The sea monster

An animated film ahead Enola Holmes 2, this is part of one of the surprises of this ranking! Chris William’s cartoon, however, convinced young and old, which allowed it to stay 7 long weeks in the top of the most popular content of the moment. The feature film tells a beautiful story of friendship between a little girl and a creature that everyone fears, wrongly.

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5 – The Tinder Scammer

Another surprise of this ranking: The Tinder Scammer takes 5th place among the most popular films of 2022! It must be said that the true story of Shimon Yehuda Hayut surprised many subscribers, amazed by the actions of this man who pretended to be a wealthy entrepreneur who actually defrauded the women he met on the dating application Tinder.

4 – The top of the basket

A basketball film in 4th place, surprising, but why not! Jeremiah Zagar’s film has accumulated 198,310,000 hours of viewing between June 5 and July 17, 2022, enough to deserve its place. The pitch? After spotting a phenomenal basketball player with a checkered past abroad, a losing scout decides to bring him to the United States without consulting his team.

3 – Purple Hearts

The first and only romantic film in the ranking is Purple Hearts, came in 3rd place. It follows the beautiful and complicated love story between an aspiring author, composer and performer, Cassie Salazar, and an American soldier, Luke, who has gone to the front.

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2 – Adam through time

Ryan Reynolds is necessarily in place. He lands second in the list with Adam through time, today listed as the fifth greatest movie of all time by the streaming platform. Shawn Levy’s sci-fi family thriller follows the adventure of fighter pilot and time traveler Adam Reed who teams up with a 12-year-old version of himself to save the future.

1 – The Gray Man

This is another Ryan who can claim to have starred in the most popular film of 2022 on Netflix: Ryan Gosling ! The Gray Man of the Russo brothers (Avengers: Endgame) holds the top spot in the chart and becomes the fourth biggest movie of all time on the platform.

What are the most popular non-English movies of 2022 on Netflix?

Regarding films in a non-English language, we find Furioza in tenth position, Restless in ninth, My Name is Vendetta in eighth place, while Carter comes in seventh place. In the top 6, we find Loving Adults, The TakeDown in fifth position and the excellent Through my window in fourth place. The top 3 is won by Black Crab in third place, Westnothing new in seconds and it is Troll who holds the top spot! The Norwegian film, inspired by folklore legends, overthrew Blood Red Sky to become Netflix’s most-watched non-English film in the first 28 days.

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Article written in collaboration with 6médias

Netflix: here are the 10 most popular films of 2022 and there are surprises!