New movies and series to watch on Netflix from October 14 to 20

Netflix releases a number of films and series in its catalog each week, without anyone noticing them or the platform officially announcing it. Large Screen returns to the new features added by netflix from October 14 to 20, 2022, films and series combined in a non-exhaustive list.

What are the films and series not to be missed this weekend on the streaming platform?


Available on Netflix – Duration: 1h29

What does it talk about ? A father and his teenage daughter join forces to save their town after an ancient, evil spirit brings Halloween decorations to life, wreaking havoc.

Why do you have to watch it? Because if you like Day of the Dead, there’s no reason you should miss it The Evil Spirit of Halloween. The story decides to fully embrace this period of festivity by presenting us with districts decorated and invaded by funeral decorations. Enough to plunge into the atmosphere two weeks before the hour. A project led by Marlon Wayans (Scary Movie, dance movie, Requiem for a Dream) and Priah Ferguson (Stranger Things).

A comedy horror set out to be a show as modest as it is stimulating and tenderand this, despite a script marked out with really heavy characterizations (the dad). The special effects hold up for a platform film and fit rather well with the ambition of the feature film… at least until the climax. A proposal between action and quirky humor to see with the family which is offered to you by Jeff Wadlow to whom we owe the parodies Nightmare Island or Truth or Dare.

extraordinary stories

Available October 15 – Duration: 6 episodes of 55 minutes

Eyes that have seen extraordinary things

What does it talk about ? This anthology inspired by the stories of Edgar Allan Poe brings together chilling tales of unusual and gruesome murders.

Why do you have to watch it? Because if you like Edgar Allan Poe, we can only encourage the viewing of Extraordinary stories. This brand new program to appear in the Netflix catalog is a French anthology dating from 1949 which includes three tales from the collection of short stories of the same name by the author and a short story by Thomas de Quincey.

And what better thana talented team to stage and bring to the screen the writings of a talented novelist. In front of the camera, it is no less than Fernand Ledoux, Paul Frankeur or even Jules Berry who come to take a dip for four sketches. A film inspired by Of assassination considered one of the fine arts of Thomas de Quincey where the author imagined a society of amateurs in murders who met to evaluate famous crimes… Here, the concept is almost the same, but the society must be replaced by cops who tell the most impressive cases of their career. If that doesn’t sound good, what more do you need?


Available October 19 – Duration: 1h45

30 Days of Night : photo, Melissa George, Josh HartnettYou gotta hold on like John Wayne in Rio Bravo

What does it talk about ? When a month of darkness descends on the small town of Barrow, Alaska, the residents must face a band of bloodthirsty vampires.

Why do you have to watch it? Behind 30 days of night is David Slade, who notably produced Twilight – Chapter 3: Hesitation (well not a great reference) as well as episodes ofHannibal and especially the presence in the screenplay of Stuart Beattie (co-screenwriter of Collateral for the best and GI Joe: Rise of the Cobrafor the worst).

The film fascinates above all for its starting pitch, an enticing premise that blasts the codes of vampire film. The very effective implementation enhances the originality of the project very well. As for temporality, it does not play here in favor of the protagonists, interpreted by a duo of actors very prominent at that time, namely Josh Hartnett and Melissa George.


Available October 19 – Duration: 2h28

What does it talk about ? Inseparable, Sophie and Agatha see their friendship put to the test when they are sent to an enchanted school training heroes and villains of fairy tales.

Why do you have to watch it? Because we want to understand the reasons, if only for scientific purposes, that led all these talented actors to get entangled in The School of Good and Evil, the new movie of Paul Feigwhich also has the luxury of lasting almost 2h30. If only out of curiosity, we really want to know what Charlize Theron (give her back good roles, please), Kerry Washington, Laurence Fishburn or even Michelle Yeoh went to do in this Harry Potter under-oxygenated. A job for good pay, probably. But we remain curious about the result.

Embodying all the staff of a school of magic, supervising two newcomers sent to the wrong factions (a priori), all these beautiful people will therefore have to play with their feet and their hands to involve us in his marshmallow adventure with approximate special effects. A real challenge that, in addition, comes after all the storm of adaptations of pre-adolescent novels, plowing a scorched earth to collect the ashes. Afterwards, if one is less defeatist, the goodwill of the actors and the naivety of its story can have an entertaining impact and joyful. Finally, maybe.

Notre Dame, The Part of the Fire

Available October 19 – Duration: 7 episodes of 60 minutes

What does it talk about ? Inspired by the testimonies of firefighters present that day, this mini-series retraces the fire of Notre-Dame in 2019 from the point of view of characters in the four corners of Paris.

Why do you have to watch it? After a very bland feature film dedicated to the event by Jean-Jacques Annaud, it is the turn of Hervé Hadmar, screenwriter and veteran director for television (we owe him in particular beyond the walls and Pigalle at night) to deliver his own vision of the disaster, through the mini-series Notre-Dame – the Part of the fire taking place during the night of the drama.

By affixing to the series a true study of character unlike Annaud, Hadmar could stand out intelligently from his counterpart. In addition, the presence in the casting of the immense Roschdy Zem, the charismatic Simon Abkarian and the talented Alice Isaaz and Caroline Proust is not to displease.


Available October 19 – Duration: 1h57

What does it talk about ? Trying to gain his trust and extract a confession, an undercover cop forms an intimate and intense relationship with a murder suspect.

Why do you have to watch it? Because The Stranger, a mysterious film noir seen at Cannes and picked up in extremis by Netflix, already exudes an attractive aura just with its trailer and its casting. Without revealing too much, the feature film reveals with a few well-felt images a poisonous atmosphere as well as a confrontation that seems as fascinating as it is intense.

Obviously, we won’t be able to dwell on the plot: the best thing is still to jump on this first feature film by Thomas M. Wright as soon as he is available to find out what’s going on. But with Joel Edgerton and Sean Harris in top form, competing against each other in a hallucinated thriller full of promisesthere is here a priori very little reason to sulk his pleasure.


A guy, a girl season 1 to 5, The black butterflies, The departure…

New movies and series to watch on Netflix from October 14 to 20