New Netflix: Jamie Foxx who breaks the vampire and one of the best comedies of the platform

Discover thanks to AlloCiné the films and series that will be released on Netflix between August 12 and 18.

The essential of the week!

my first times season 3: Every summer for three years now, Netflix subscribers find the refreshing Devi and live with her her troubles and her love disappointments. Rebelote with these new episodes except that this time, the young woman begins her school year in the arms of the handsome Paxton. But something tells us that his idyll will not last…


A Model Family : After unwittingly stealing from a cartel, a penniless professor finds no other solution to save his family than to work as a drug courier.

13 – the musical : After the divorce of his parents, a college student forced to leave New York to go live in Indiana wants to make his bar mitzvah an anthology party. This adaptation of the Broadway musical is particularly aimed at teenagers.

Day-Shift : Jamie Foxx who breaks vampire with Snoop Dogg, this is the somewhat crazy synopsis of this summery and bloody comedy. The actor plays a vampire hunter who has one week to raise the money to pay for school and dental braces for his daughter. He’s going to have to bleed himself…in every sense of the word.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine : Netflix will add that day to its catalog season 8 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, brilliant detective comedy with Adam Samberg. But be prepared to get your tissues out, as these are also the final episodes of the series.


The other side of sport : This new episode titled “The Imaginary Girlfriend” follows the story of Manti Te’o, a promising footballer… until a secret online relationship comes to ruin everything.

The Mummy : Brendan Fraser is Rick O’Connell in this 1999 classic. A family must see for treasure hunt fans!

Ouija and Ouija Board: The Origins : You will no longer see this game board as before after seeing these two slashers prohibited for children under 12.


Under the embers : While investigating his brother’s death, Poncho joins a fire brigade he thinks is connected to crime and will find love, a family… and a serial killer.

nothing suspicious : Three women go to the playboy who scammed them to hold him accountable and are forced to stay behind with their loved ones when his body is found.

One life or the other : Freshly graduated, Natalie takes a pregnancy test. She then sees her life split into two parallel realities and discovers what life and love have in store for her. A pretty romantic comedy worn by Lili Reinhart (Betty from Riverdale).

Royalteen : Tying up an improbable romance with a crown prince, a teenager seeks to prevent her scandalous past and a big secret from coming to light.


Our language to cats : In this captivating and touching documentary, experts analyze the behavior of cats to reveal the true capacities of these felines always on the lookout.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe season 3: Musclor and his team must fulfill their destiny and thwart Skeletor’s plans to control the universe. The hour of battle for the almighty force has come!

Tekken – Bloodline : After losing his home to a powerful enemy, an elated young fighter plots revenge under the guidance of a determined grandfather.

It’s already available and not to be missed:

Our bruised hearts : Number 1 of the top Netflix for 10 days, this romantic comedy is a hit thanks to word of mouth. A godsend for its two main actors – Nicholas Galitzine and Sofia Carson – whose careers are rather discreet. Despite their differences and after a fake marriage, an aspiring singer-songwriter and a Marine fall head over heels in love.

New Netflix: Jamie Foxx who breaks the vampire and one of the best comedies of the platform