New version of Salem’s Lot will return vampires to their roots, says one of its stars

New version of Salems Lot will return vampires to their roots, says one of its stars

The next adaptation of Salem’s Lot It’s already in development and one of its stars feels totally convinced that it will give vampires back all those nightmarish traits they were born with so many decades ago. Lewis Pullman actor of the next version of the horror story, interviews ScreenRant to talk about the virtues he has been observing on the set. Goodbye vampires with shiny skin, silky hair and boyish drama? In the following paragraphs we discuss all the details.

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the stories of Stephen King taken to the cinema almost always make good the fans of the writer and of terror. Salem’s Lot It was published in 1975, becoming the author’s second novel; by 1979 the first homonymous adaptation arrived, a miniseries that in Latin America became known as The Night of the Vampirevery popular in its time. In 2004 a television version was released on TNT and a completely new one is on the way.

In April 2019 it was announced that james wan is the producer of the new adaptation of Salem’s Lot in company of Roy Lee Y Mark Wolper; the script will be in charge of Gary Daubermann (The Conjuring (86%), Annabelle (29%) Y The Nun (47%)) . The film’s narrative follows a writer who returns to the town of Jerusalem’s Lot, where he lived when he was a child, only to discover that now everyone he thought he knew has turned into a vampire.

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Lewis Pullmanwho takes the starring role of the new film as Ben Mears, offers some comments about the next adaptation of Salem’s Lot, ensuring that it is completely terrifying and that it is a departure from the pop vampires that conquered the world since the last decade. The 29-year-old actor makes a brief reference to Twilight (48%)the vampire saga that took all the fear out of the genre and transformed it into something completely different:

It’s really exciting to bring the vampires back. They’ve gotten a little shiny and not so scary. When they originated, they were terrifying. I think Gary is really interested in getting that back, and I think [Salem’s Lot] it will. I’ve been really terrified on set a few times, so that’s a good sign. I think he did a great job.

Thanks to Twilight (48%), vampire series and movies were subjected to a fairly radical change in their paradigms. The creature began to be seen as a desirable, sensual being, as opposed to the gruesome creature that was portrayed in multiple 20th century media. From the work of stephenie meyer Others with a very similar cut saw the light, such as The Vampire Diaries, TrueBlood and even others of similar line like teen wolf. The vampire had mutated into something else, even unpleasant to some. Lewis Pullman is certain that with the new installment of Salem’s Lot things will return to their original motives.

Salem’s Lot It has a premiere scheduled for September 9. For its part, Lewis Pullman is now enjoying success thanks to Top Gun: Maverick (98%), a film that remains in theaters and in which he plays Lieutenant Robert ‘Bob’ Floyd. Social networks are shocked with his numbers, since so far he has raised more than a billion, the most successful tape of 2022 so far.

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New version of Salem’s Lot will return vampires to their roots, says one of its stars