Nicholas Brendon: Buffy the Vampire Slayer star hospitalized after heart problem

On social networks, the sister of Nicholas Brendon revealed that he was hospitalized. The interpreter of Xander Harris in Buffy against the vampires suffered from a heart attack.

Nicholas Brendon fans are very worried. In this month of August, the actor known in particular for his role in buffy the vampire slayer had to be rushed to the hospital. At 51, he suffered a “cardiac incident”, as reported by his sister on social networks. On Instagram, she posted several photos of the comedian, who played Xander Harris, taken at the hospital. “Nicky sends love and wanted me to apologize for not being live so much lately to update everyone, wrote the actor’s sister. Nicky is fine now but he had to be taken to the emergency room two weeks ago because of a heart attack (tachycardia/arrhythmia). Some of you may recall that he had a similar incident after his second spinal surgery last year.”

The Criminal Minds actor has suffered for years from cauda equina syndrome, a condition in which the nerve roots in the lumbar spine are compressed, preventing normal function of the genitals, bladder and bowel. Last year, Nicholas Brandon had to undergo surgery after suffering from a “paralysis of the genitals” and legs. His manager claimed it was caused by having to sleep in a concrete-floored jail cell after his arrest for prescription fraud. At the time, he had used a false identity to try to buy drugs. Nicholas Brendon claimed that having to sleep in a prison cell with a concrete floor made his spinal problems worse.

Nicholas Brendon should have surgery

“It made the symptoms of his previous injury worse and the paralysis is starting to come back. He may have burst another disc or everything has gone out of alignment, his manager worried. The hospital needs to bring him in for another spinal surgery to correct everything that happened.” Last October, the actor’s rep revealed the star was forced to pull out of all promotions for his upcoming film after suffering paralysis of his legs and genitals. The troubled actor had difficulty walking and was experiencing “profound medical issues and immense pain”. According to the Daily Mail, Nicholas Brendon is awaiting the results of scans of his back and groin but will likely need major surgery in the coming days.

Nicholas Brendon: Buffy the Vampire Slayer star hospitalized after heart problem