‘Nosferatu’, ‘Saw’ and homages to horror classics in ‘Terrifier 2’

From FW Murnau’s silent vampire film to James Wan’s tortures, director Damien Leone pays tribute to the many works of cinema that inspired ‘Terrifier 2’.

The writer and director of TerrifierDamien Leone, returns with a new gore feast with Terrifier 2: The Sinister Clown. The sequel, recently released on the Cinépolis and Cinemex billboards, duplicates absolutely all the elements that made the first film such a success. It’s a gamble that, even in the face of a colossal running time for a slasher movie, pays off for the paths it could open for horror films of the next years.

Masterfully portrayed by David Howard Thornton, the character Art the Clown promises a healthy dose of suffering and revulsion. The smiling, mute, black-and-white clown ghoul implements some sick new hunting techniques in dark alleys, suburbs, costume shops and even an amusement park.

In addition to reviewing our review of the film, the chronicle on how viewers experienced the premiere in a movie theater or these terrifying facts behind Art the Clown, now we share some tributes that the film pays to other horror classics and one or another masterpiece in the history of cinema.


Dark Age Cinema / Prana-Film GmbH

Without offering many details that could spoil the cinematic experience, only to indicate that, when the protagonist Sienna (Lauren LaVera) tours the gloomy little house of horrors in the amusement park, He walks through a corridor whose wall is decorated with coffins and sarcophagi. One of them is Orlock’sthe vampire protagonist of Nosferatuthe silent film by FW Murnau.

‘An Andalusian dog’

Dark Age Cinema / Kino Video

The controversial and overwhelming bedroom scene begins with an assault that pays homage to one of the most studied films in cinematic history: an andalusian dogdirected by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí. In the opening sequence of the surreal film, Buñuel himself takes a razor to shave and mutilate a woman’s eye horizontally.whereas in this scene from Terrifier 2Art the Clown cuts his victim’s eye vertically.

‘M – The Vampire of Düsseldorf’

Dark Age Cinema / Nero-Film AG

Just remember Robert De Niro in front of the mirror in the iconic scene of Taxi Driver to understand one of the most recurring symbolisms of this object: confirm the identity of the character. So does Art the Clown in the opening minutes of the sequel; he not only writes his name in blood on the mirror, but confirms his existence with the reflection of an evil smile. A fabulous tribute to the sexual predator and murderer of children from M – The Vampire of Düsseldorf by Fritz Lang.

‘The seventh seal’

Dark Age Cinema / Svensk Filmindustri (SF)

During a dream, or rather nightmare, Sienna finds herself in the Café Clown, a colorful, apparently happy and attractive place for children. On one of the walls there is a mural in which Art the Clown forms a circle with children in a kind of children’s game. This image only serves as a prelude to the massacre that will be unleashed. It is a nod to the dance of death that closes the seventh sealthe story set in the Middle Ages by Ingmar Bergman.

‘House on Haunted Hill’ and ‘Night of the Living Dead’

Dark Age Cinema

Leone takes advantage of the fact that a large part of the events take place at the time of Halloween to explicitly mention a couple of horror movies. First, the protagonist, before having the nightmare in which she meets Art the Clown, sees House on Haunted Hill, starring Vincent Price. Later, on Halloween night, Sienna’s mother is in the living room of her house watching The night of the Living Dead by George A. Romero.

‘The Mystery of Salem’s Lot’

Dark Age Cinema / Warner Bros. Television

Played by child actress Amelie McLain, The Little Pale Girl is an enigmatic and disturbing character who constantly accompanies Art the Clown on his killing sprees.. One of the elements that stands out from his appearance is the bright yellow color of his eyes that refers to the vampire from Salem’s Lot Mystery1979 film based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name.

‘Red Sonja’ and ‘Commando’

Dark Age Cinema / Silver Pictures

In addition to being a fan of horror movies, Damien Leone has confessed his liking for action movies, swords and wizardry from the 1980s such as Excalibur, Conan the barbarian, Red Sonja Y Commando. The influence of the latter two (starring Brigitte Nielsen and Arnold Schwarzenegger, respectively) is reflected when Sienna puts on her warrior costume and makeup to attend the Halloween party.

‘Saw: macabre game’

Dark Age Cinema / Twisted Pictures

One of the most disturbing elements is that Art the Clown never forgets his essence: he is a clown. In this sense, the character unfolds in the field of physical comedy; his gestures and corporality play an essential role in his performance. Precisely when he makes an appearance in the Café Clown scene, he rides a tricycle while greeting the audience. His movements are reminiscent of Billy, the puppet that Jigsaw uses to communicate with his victims in Saw: Macabre Game by James Wan.

‘Nosferatu’, ‘Saw’ and homages to horror classics in ‘Terrifier 2’