On Netflix there is a record

On Netflix an action thriller, suspense, adrenaline to a thousand and many situations on which those who are afraid of flying will surely have fantasized at least once in their life.

The numbers of this thriller produced by Netflix they broke all records. It has indeed been looked at from beyond 50 million viewers worldwidethus repaying the production costs which reached 18 million dollars.

It is about Blood Red Skythriller film released on Netflix starting in 2021, after a year of delay due to the suspension of filming for Covid.

Despite being an American and German film, it was shot almost entirely in Prague and the cast includes numerous actors from different countries of the world.

Here we find the German actress Peri Baumeister (seen in the TV series’Skylines“And” The Last Kingdom “), the Australian Dominic Purcell (‘Blade: Trinity’), the British Graham McTavish (‘The Hobbit’), the Danish actor Roland Moller (‘Atomic blonde’) e Sinead Phelps (‘Carnival Row’), complete the cast Roland Møller, Leonie Brill, Kais Setti.

Blood Red Sky was directed by the director Peter Thorwarth and has been very well reviewed by critics who specialize in judging feature films with a high adrenaline content.

Blood Red Sky

Watch the trailer and read the story

Better a terrorist attack based on chemical weapons on a European capital or an epidemic that turns the infected into ravenous and aggressive vampires?

Better none of this, but if you really have to decide which side effect is for the best, just look on Netflix Blood Red Sky.

An enterprising boy appears to be the only survivor of a hijacked plane landing on the runway of a Scottish airbase, among agents in combat gear ready to fire on anything that hints at moving.

But how could Elias, the kid played by Carl Anton Kochto save himself from the most classic air disaster?

In reality, Elias made the entire journey by plane, on the route from Germany to New York with his mother, with a commando of terrorists and some heroic passengers, who diverted the aircraft’s route, managing to make it land without apparent damage.

Until the doors of the apparently deserted aircraft return a reality that is difficult to manage.

The little boy’s mom, played by Peri Baumeisterhas literally “faced” the entire terrorist commando alone, eliminating all components.

But not all the passengers died, on the contrary, they all became more dangerous than the terrorists themselves and all potential killers.

What triggered this transformation in the flying plane?

And how will the local authorities manage the emergency after the terrorist attack on Europe has been averted?

If you are afraid of flying we recommend this film, so you can think that everything you have seen, after all, will never happen during your plane trip.

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On Netflix there is a record-breaking thriller film, it has been seen by over 50 million viewers around the world.